who is better? stephen covey or john maxwell on leadership and why?

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Question by dan_antonio: who is better? stephen covey or john maxwell on leadership and why?

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Answer by All hat
I haven’t read Maxwell but Covey leaves me annoyed every time because he pumps you all up and makes you think you could bench-press the world. Ok then, why don’t we all?

He ignores the forces that tend to hold us back and makes no mention, accordingly, on how to deal with them – which would be prerequisite to empowering us to actually do anything other than feel like armchair lions. Where is the attention to what holds us back?

THAT, imo, would the the first step to actually empowering anyone.

Otherwise, all you’re doing is telling smokers that they smoke and fat people that they are fat. They already know all that and, trust me, worry about it more than any observer does. So why do they still have those bad habits? It’s not because they don’t KNOW something. It’s because of certain emotional needs – and those aren’t dealt with intellectually.

When is someone going to deal with that? Now THAT would be helpful, imo.

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