Would a lesbian have the best knowledge of what it takes to attract and successfully date women?

Question by The Merovingian: Would a lesbian have the best knowledge of what it takes to attract and successfully date women?
I’ve seen enough questions about men wanting to get dating advice from women. My standard response is to avoid that since what does a straight woman know about dating women? It is better to ask for advice from a man who is skilled in the art of the pursuit. But what about a lesbian? They want to date other women. Would being a woman in this case give her a slight edge over a the skilled man in terms of dating advice/tips/techniques/success?

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Answer by Don’t call me dude
Not necessarily. I’ve had lesbian friends with pretty unhappy love lives, too. No one is immune.

However, it wouldn’t do either of you any harm to sit down and compare notes. Be good to see each other as equals and colleagues anyhow.

And when you’re -really- grown up, you can invite a straight or bi woman into your circle.

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  1. I disagree. Lesbians pursue other lesbians, not straight women. I think your logic is flawed. If I want to meet straight guys, I’m not going to ask a gay guy.
    A straight woman knows plenty about dating women…she is one…and is one of the best sources of information, IMO. Maybe you’re just not asking the right questions or listening properly.

  2. no we lesbians don’t have a clue either women’s crazy antics just go over my head and i’m a woman myself!!. but then again i often think like a guy. i guess it makes a little bit more sense to us but not a lot!

  3. My Evil Twin says:

    i have often thought so in the past…

    but they are usually just as clueless as we are.

  4. princessblaise39 says:

    not really – you just need to engage is all with a guy or a girl

    people like to talk about themselves

  5. Nah, like another answer said, they are women dating other women.
    I’m neighbors with this lesbian couple and met a couple of their (lesbian) friends recently… One was very masculine looking, from head to toe, and obviously was very attracted to me. I could tell from how she’d smile, blush, look down and back up, giggle like a school girl…I felt like I got a glimpse into what I must look like around men I like! It was very funny/cute, but I can’t say I want men to act like giddy schoolgirls with me. 🙂

  6. Only if you like attracting butch women.

  7. No, because the girls that they’re dating are also lesbians or bisexual.

  8. MAN of MYSTERY says:

    Yes, my friend. Everybody has something to teach and something to learn.

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