It's HERE! Beta testers needed for my birthday!

Launching tomorrow!
For my birthday! Yes! I have made it another amazing year!
So I thought what better way then to let others play with my new software tomorrow.
We are shooting for 6pm pst. for now. Maybe a bit earlier if we can get the approval in time. Already some technical issues.
So here is the plan:
We are going to do a super limited release. For either 7 days or 100 sales. At a super insane low price. Just internally to friends like you that I know.
Then it will come down, we will give it a few weeks to collect feedback, data, and see how it works for others. Collection testimonials and make changes and updates to what you tell me you would like it to do and how to make it better.
In exchange, you will have lifetime access. All future updates, changes, upgrades, and not to mention what will be the public price. Because we are planning to build and entire business around this, it will be at least 5 times the beta price when we go public.
We have big plans to sell this to corporations and companies and build something around it.
I don’t do “one shot” quick promotions just to make a buck. This software was orignially created for ME!
Yes, I had been looking for somethign I wanted and no one on othe market had exactly what i was looking for. So I had my own created.
Then with the added brillance of my Partner Mike, he enhanced it 10x and made it possible to be used by others.
It has already changed a huge part of my business. And now I want it to do the same for you.
Be ready
April 28th (my birthday) 7pm pst (-8 los angeles) or earlier. Look for an email from me.
7 days or 100 sales and it comes down until full release later.
See you then
P. James “putting on my birthday suit” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps. we are even talking about making the software a monthly usage price instead of one time. So definitely grab it tomorrow, because the monthly price will be what the birthday one-time price is currently

pps. Ever wonder why you never see Elephants hiding in trees?
That’s because they are really good at it……………………
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