Bloggers VS. Writers: Which one is sexier?


what is a blogger

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Think about that for a minute…

What do those words really mean to you?

Yeah I know, most people use them interchangeably.  And I used to do the same

That is…

Until I had a “WRITER” jump down my throat for calling her a Blogger!

I mean, YIKES!

I had no idea people were so passionate about the title


The definition of a writer is someone who writes on a daily basis, who might have published works and who aspires to learn the craft as well as possible. Und…

Do you have to be published to be a writer?

Is it something that you feel?

Is a blogger the exact same thing?

Can you be a writer and not blog?

Can you be a blogger and NEVER write?

How do you introduce yourself to others: Writer or blogger?

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