Can You Believe It?

4 months and 2 days ago my life was completely different…
I only had one dog ( a miniature white poodle named Milo).
I drove a different car.
I had no plans on moving another 3000 miles from my current location.
I worked from a different computer.
I was not juicing.
I was dang near 20lbs heavier.
Well, TECHNICALLY, by “The Man’s” standards.
Just over 4 months ago, May 21st to be exact, I devoted my life to my high school sweetheart, twice removed, rekindled and loved, Sisi and we were wed. Right here. On the beautiful beaches of north carolina.
Seem so surreal that it has been 4 months already.
Once we made the decision to just do it, I posed a challenge to myself. To show and teach how anyone with no money, no credit, no connections can buy and simultaneously sell a piece of property and make more than ten thousand dollars in less than 30 days regardless of the economy and without ever leaving their house.
The case study was fun and amazing!
And is now currently free for you to get the entire overview of the process.
>>>>go here to view the 10k in 30 days overview<<<<
Yesterday, my WIFE and I spent the day on the beach, eating donuts at the #2 rated doughnut place in the entire US (BRITT’s Donuts. I have never had a better doughnut in my life! They get my vote), eating sushi, watching movies and just thoroughly each others company.
We had a great weekend. I hope you did too!
P. James “off his diet” Holland

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