Why I Cheated

It’s not my fault! Don’t look at me like that. With your judgy-judgington face on. Like you have never done it yourself. I could not help myself. I have a weakness for things that make me feel good. And good food does that to me. Of course I am talking about how I cheated on […]

Can You Believe It?

4 months and 2 days ago my life was completely different… I only had one dog ( a miniature white poodle named Milo). I drove a different car. I had no plans on moving another 3000 miles from my current location. I worked from a different computer. I was not juicing. I was dang near […]

I Hate Getting Sick…

This might be a sign. Of what? I am not sure yet. These past few days I have not been feeling well. May seem like no big deal. But here is the thing..I NEVER GET SICK! I mean… I guess I cannot honestly say “never”… but it is not very often at all. Like once […]

Amazon Kindle – New Unlimited E-Book Subscription Play in new window | DownloadHere’s my take on the just released Amazon Kindle Unlimited. It’s a $9.99 monthly subscription that would give you access to any and all Kindle books. The only drawback I see here, it’s only a RENTAL. Let’s say you’ve downloaded 20 books a month in the past 6 months then decide to […]

I'm Back…. (lots of pics)

My Dad, John (left) The groom, John Jr, (center) me, James, coach comeback (right).. trying to keep him steady after his bachelor party lol     FINALLY… we are back home! Seemed like the longest weekend ever! I used to make fun of family members that used to come visit and complain about jetlag! I […]

Sisi Saves A Life On Her Birthday (lots of pics)

WOW! What a day! Not even sure how we crammed all of that excitement into one day. Here is how we spent July 7th – My Wife’s (Sisi) Birthday: We went and hung out on the beach We went out to lunch at Havana’s on the Beach (I had a cajun shrimp Cobb Salad!!! YUM!) […]