I'm SICK and TIRED – WARNING: Rant coming!

got a warning you ahead of time got a little bit of a rant coming along pretty much got fed up sick of it had a little mini meltdown this week

The Drama never ends… Now What?!?!!?

  Doncha just LOVE unexpected news?     Well I just got a doozy!   The news itself isn’t what bothers me the most…   It’s the fact that I was the LAST one to find out!   I HATE not being in the loop. Takes me back to high school… like.. not being able […]

My Dad hung up on me – Plus sneak peak at Version 5.0

This past Thursday I was invited by one of my good friends to play a round of golf for free. How could I resist at that price right?  Plus my friend is a full time student going to Medical school so this is the only time he will have off until… who knows when.   HAD to […]

GOOD NEWS – We might not be homeless much longer!

I have 3 exciting announcements to share with you…   Sisi is feeling better and actually got outside today.  HOORAY for that already.   While out taking Milo (our all white mini poodle) for a walk she took a different route around the neighborhood this time.   Well, who knew, tucked away inside this little […]

San Francisco Become Gotham City For Cancer Kid's Wish – Heartstrings PULLED!

San Francisco is now Gotham City? It was for this young boy in the most heartwarming display I have ever seen! More than 12,000 supporters joined in to help Make a Wish Foundation grant 5 year old Miles Scott’s wish! He spent the day chasing villains, meeting the mayor and police chief and even got […]

We have been Evicted =-( Part 3

Yeah I think I broke the record for fastest eviction in history. Something like 6 days lol =============================================================== If you are new and/or missed all the details of me and Sisi getting scammed you can catch up here by reading Part 1: The Move, The Scam, and the fleas – Never a Dull moment http://coachcomeback.com/events/the-move-the-scam-and-the-fleas-never-a-dull-moment/ Followed […]

I don't own a cell phone – WHAT!?!?!? – Part 2

I don't own a cell phone – WHAT!?!?!? – Part 2

Most people look at me like I just told them the president had been shot when I tell them I have not had a cell phone in probably over 3 years now. (you know… I am probably sending out some sort of government alert by having president and shot in the same post. Well, hopefully […]

The Move, The Scam, and the fleas – Never a Dull moment – Part 1

So I am pretty sure I am being scammed out of my money and more importantly, may be kicked out on the streets at any moment! WHAT?!?!?! Strangest experience ever. So go grab your coffee, popcorn or Mai Tai and get cozy because I got one heck of a story for you. I’m going to […]

Day 2 on "Days of our Lives" – The Saga Continues

“WHAT THE HELL DID I DO WRONG?!?!?!” I yelled out while I lay there motionless. The air is thick and clammy.  The stench of defeat heavy. I blink rapidly trying to get my eyes to adjust to the total darkness. I am soaking wet. Confused. Trying to make sense of it all. I can barely […]

I just got my account banned! – I need your help!

Here I go again.. getting myself in trouble.. Sooooo. Total newbie makes yet another mistake.   That’s right, like it or not I am still considered a newbie/nobody on Warrior Forum and in the IM niche. I am a personal development writer/blogger. Not a marketer by no means. This WSO was my first! (likely my […]