LOVE STORY (1970) – Arthur Hiller, Erich Segal

Love Story (1970) I made and edited this clips video for Love Story, which considered as an old, classical remembered movie, to take out the gut of what the … Question by Infinity: Would you rather find love, or someone find the cure for cancer? Which is more important to you, if you had to […]

Alpha Girl (Paranormal Romance) Book Trailer

Alpha Girl (Paranormal Romance) Book Trailer

NOVEL OUT NOW. Ebook: Paperback: Ho… Video Rating: 5 / 5 A slideshow of desert romance novel covers meant to showcase the song, “Desert Rose (Slow Version),” by German pop artist Anna. ______ + Song: “Desert Ro…

Shorts – Arrow to the Knee

The joke isn’t overused at all. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: T-SHIRTS:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question by Rbb: How do I write jokes to late night talk show hosts? I heard that if you write jokes to Conan or Leno or Letterman they might pick your joke and send you a check. How […]

Was I Being Too Dramatic?

I’m going to tell you something I have not told ANYONE yet!   You (and my ever so gorgeous Sisi) will be the only one who knows about this.  Hope you can keep a secret…   Well… in about 2 weeks… I plan to leave the country!   SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   No one knows and I […]

I Feel Like I Am All Alone – Reaching Out For Help

You ever feel like you are all alone? Like nothing you try is working? Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Like completely giving up on your dreams and just settling for the average, mundane, poke-me-in-the-eyes-with-bicycle-spokes daily routine of the “normal” society like your friends and family keep suggesting?   No? Just me? ………….. *sigh* Yes, […]

My Last Night In New York – A New Journey Begins… AGAIN

  Yup, that is right… After exactly 6 months on the dot we are now leaving New York. Which is funny because we (CC, James & Milo) have this running joke that it seems we have not lived in one place longer than 6 months in the last 5 years… and here we go again… […]

Google Shutting Down RSS Reader – Best Reader Alternate

When I first heard Google was shutting down their Google RSS Reader on June 1st, I will admin…. I PANICKED! You see… I have been using Google reader for over a year now.  It has been one of my many “secret” weapons I discuss in my Free 100 Sexy Content Ideas eCourse. When setup properly […]

Winterstorm Nemo Before And After Videos From My Home In New York


Winterstorm Nemo has made it’s way through New York and I got it on video. I was a little upset that they would name it after one of my favorite movies!  I find it hard to believe Nemo would ever cause me anything but good times. I shot a quick video right as the first […]

How One Fat Man Started A 5 Chick Cat-Fight – Video

Is Governor  Chris Christie going to die? Is his weight a serious enough health risk that it should be publicized by random people? Well one doctor thought so… And was successful at  terrifying Christie’s kids. Apparently he was not happy about it and decided to  Fire back live! The reviews of how Chris Christie handled […]

Coach Comeback Going Out Of Business???

Say it aint so! I was just getting to know you too! This is not entirely bad…. or true. Let me explain… The Not-So-Short Story A few weeks ago I was getting blasted with questions about how I made so much money in Real Estate in this supposedly “down” market. So, as you probably already […]