Was Blind, Now I Can See..

I don’t know about you but there is nothing worse than trying to watch your favorite old school kung fu movie (or other underrated foreign film (like Romantics Anonymous or Amelie (freaking great movies (with Aubrey Tautou (who is a cutie (don’t worry, Sisi agrees on her level of cuteness (which does not compare to […]

EP 24 – PODCAST – 3 Best Ways To Create A Product To Sell Even If You Know Nothing

One of the biggest questions that people constantly ask me is how do you create and sell your own products or services when you don’t KNOW anything??? In this quick podcast episode, I explain the truth about product creation and share 3 simple methods ANYONE can use to create a product with hardly any effort.    

$10k In 30 Days or Less In Real Estate WITHOUT Using My Own Money, Credit or Ever Leaving My La-Z-Boy

I will prove that ANYONE can invest in real estate from anywhere, at any time, in any situation, REGARDLESS of the market, your personal credit, with zero contacts and a negative bank balance.   Here’s How It Works No long drawn out pitchy over-hyped messages from me. Not my style! No need in me trying […]

Thinking About Trying Something New, Weird and a Bit Strange…

  You may actually like this one… You may have heard me talking about my love for writing recently and how I am going back to publishing on Kindle more actively over the next few months. I actually have a plan to hit 5 figures of passive income monthly within 6 months just using short […]

Ep 23 – PODCAST – How to Protect Your PayPal Account and Give Yourself An Instant Raise

  Having a frozen PayPal account is one of the WORST things that can happen to an internet marketer. In today’s episode, I share a secret trick I use to ensure that my PayPal account stays in good standing, especially during a product launch.  

I Nearly Crapped My Shorts When I Saw This

I Nearly Crapped My Shorts When I Saw This

  Listen, Here’s what’s really weird about making money online… While I was getting ready to write this email to let you know about my astonishing new, A-to-Z training (more below), I decided to check out the tuition for a few American colleges. When I was done changing my underwear over what I found, it […]

[5 Hours Left] Final Friendly Reminder

Hey, here is an idea If you don’t have time to watch the replay from last weeks amazing free training… Go to the link and download the video hee hee hee (insert evil grin) Just don’t tell anyone I told you this. But I do it all the time.  Especially when I know something is […]

In case you missed it. . .(Replay Link)

We are in Vegas right now. Long story. I will give you the full story in the next post. Just wanted to post the replay link from Wayne and I’s bonus workshop on Wednesday night. We walked through a simple outline to get income in less than 48 hours from 1 simple article. Wayne happened […]

We are LIVE on AIR – GO GO GO

The free bonus training has just started! Join here: http://wayne8.enterthemeeting.com/m/KFC2CBBG Going to show how all you need is 1-page 1-PAGE!!!! Sorry for shouting. I get excited! as I was saying… 1-page to bring in free traffic and sales within 24 hours of the workshop ending! One of my best kept tactics to date! Walking you through […]

[Workshop] Just a quick reminder…

Hey there Yesterday I mentioned that I was sneaking you into Wayne and I’s bonus free training to the buyers of 1-page madness and how Wayne only reserved 50 spots for the workshop. Just wanted to remind you to act now to avoid disappointment. We start in less than 2 hours! I am not hosting this class so […]