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Had you double your profit progress sales or anything else in your business or life starting today with and Jesse are the short little tip I’m going to share that with you right now I am he came on creative coach come and teachable school and want to share with you something that’s really really simple that could probably change your life as early as tonight if you’ll apply this simple simple step so one thing I get all the time from people want to get success and get get something going in their business is they get stuck they get stuck right at the beginning while they’re in the learning phase of trying to get everything figured out self I’ll just put this in a practical example I’ll give you real estate example to this one just happened to me kind of prompted this on this lesson I got someone who said they are because I teach teach wholesaling and real estate and they wanted to know David and Anna for a while and their question is there stuck because they want to know what happens there panic and fear because of what happens if I get a signed contract and I cannot find a buyer that is a question so meaning and also you know we can get a contract signed and then immediately sell the property for profit so what their fear is whether stock is what happens if I never find a buyer and I can’t sell the property so that the tip that I’m trying to give you today is taking this person consideration is they haven’t even done any marketing or even written their first even single offer yet there trying to figure out what what all the possible scenarios of what could happen if everything goes wrong first so they can like those doomsday propers where you give yourself a reason to not keep going forward until you have everything else figured out and it’s not even everything is positive and figured out it’s everything else that could go wrong figured out so let me ask you this may work in marketing with you online marketing whether you want to teach you know a fitness class or you want to write a book are you stuck trying to figure out what could possibly go home to go wrong and protect yourself in case all else fails or are you taking action on what you’re currently doing and moving forward so rather than in this example rather than focusing on what happens if everything goes wrong think about this what happens if everything goes right and the deal closes and four hour workweek Tim Ferris causes people who are risking possible tends over the ones and twos so I’ll explain I really quickly he says if everything goes right what are the possibilities of 1 to 10 of life altering effect he could have when your life’s on this case say they get to close their first real estate deal and they make 10 $20,000 loan for most people that’s their first one at a part of the scale between 89 or 10 because now they know them a brand-new business and completely changes their day-to-day their life their income so it’s a it’s a huge life altering aspect is at the upper echelon of an 89 or 10 but if it fails say they say they can’t get a in real estate they don’t find a buyer and they can’t sell the property well what you do in a situation is you just cancel the contract in your out nothing but your time so as far as life altering effect if all else fails and they can’t find a buyer that’s me be a tomorrow one on the scale of how much it’s going to change your life so there holding off on up getting a possible 10 in their life trying to figure out or prevent a possible one or two effect on their life this is something I want you to be aware on things that you you’re holding yourself back on in and spending time in the research phase or information gathering phase which is really the same as the fear phase if it’s you need to make more calls if it’s you need to write that sells letter if it’s you know you need to start writing some offers if

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