Ep 22 – PODCAST – $8k In 5 Hours – Method Revealed w/ Bill Hugall (wso of the day)

How would you like $8k in less than 5 hours? (Yes, that’s right. I said EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS)
Sounds pretty awesome right?

  • It’s easily achievable
  • Newbie friendly
  • No lists
  • No product and expertise needed

Check out today’s podcast and find out how to make that possible here: coachlikes.com/8kin5hours

Here’s the transcription of the podcast:
James: Hello, this is James creator of “CoachComback.com” and founder of “This Stuff Really Works” and this is episode 22 of “The Morning Catch Up” This is going to be really exciting. Becasue, I have a question for you. How would you like make $8,000 (Eight thousand dollars) in 5 hours? Sounds pretty awesome right? And it’s easily achievable, newbie friendly, no lists, no product needed, no any expertise. Everything covered basically and this pretty cool method has been around for a while, not been around for a while as far as it’s old but the method and the trick and everything behind it is a tried and true method that’s actually put some special tweaks on it to make it even easier and newbie friendly and for experts as well. That is what today’s “WSO of the Day” is, just announced a few hours ago and lucky enough to be in a call with the creator of that WSO to share some insights. I know you’ve got some questions excited and want to know a little more of this excited method, so we’re going to dive into and have the creator share a little bit about it and give you extra insight before you jump on over to the thread and grab it. Welcome to the creator of the “8k in 5 Hours Master Plan” Bill Hugall, welcome!
Bill: Wooohoooo! Good to be here! It’s good to be here.
James: You sound excited. Good morning! It’s early, you know it’s always exciting on the day of a “WSO of the Day”, I know it’s “crazy” busy so I appreciate you taking a few quick minutes to share just a little bit about of what you’ve got going on Man. So thank you.
Bill: Thanks for having me man. It’s a good time, I love doing it.
James: Yup, I’m excited for you it’s already crossed well over 500 sales and it’s only been a couple of hours so as in Bill’s email bad news it is on a dime sale. Every second you’re waiting the price is going up like crazy. So if you already know you’re interested, you know Bill’s work and you know I only share stuff that actually does work. You should probably pause this and see the link below and just go ahead and grab it before the price keeps, continues to go up and then come back and finish listening to today’s show, that’s awesome.
So let’s start with, let’s give a little bit of inspiration behind the method, if you could share a little, what led to uncovering this here process the “$8,000 in 5 hours” plan?
Bill: It’s, It’s kind of been something I’ve been working on in the past and it wasn’t until recently, in fact you should take some credit for this, that I came to you to iron a few things out and make sure that things worked. And then there’s a nice clever little twist that really makes this super easy for anyone to do so they don’t have to create any kind of product. So it’s, The integration behind it is let’s get paid a lot of money for very little work and, and, and maximize our effort. Because one of the things if you’re a newbie struggling to make money, one of the things you’re going to end up learning is that you go through a little cycle. The cycle of, “Ok I made a little bit of money” and then it kind of flat lines because you don’t scale up or you weren’t impressed with the pathetic numbers that you got so then you try something else, you have a moderate degree of success and then you make $9, or $18. Or a very low pay check for the amount of work that you’ve actually done over the accumulative years trying to figure out how to make money online. So what I’ve did, was that figured let’s just put this together and make it so you don’t wanna have to create or come up with a whole bunch of insane stuff (sorry disclaimer), you’re going to have to create something but you are not going to have to do a ton of crazy work and you’re going to be selling things for massive, massive prices. And there are people out there that are looking for services just like this one because they are too lazy or too afraid or just flat out don’t know how to do this.
James: Yeah, I love that. That little part your threw in that little kind of tricky, slick way to really just jump right into this method and using it by, you know I was quoted saying “using other people’s assets”. So one thing that always scares the newbies or someone who’s just starting out is, like the phrase newbie or someone who is just starting out in this industry and they get a little intimidated, because they see on the surface they think everything they need to do, they need to have a list or they’ve got to be a big name or you have to be existing and they have these kind of limiting beliefs that keeps them from even trying something and when they see, see a new offer, a new way to do something but your little bonus kinda thrown on there at the end of different ways to utilize this beyond the what the traditional people do, kinda makes it bypass all of those things that they think that they need and you can just jump right into this without anything.
Bill: For sure! and that’s, i mean there’s people out there and i’m gonna say this straight out, that are making millions of dollars a year using that method.
James: Uhm.
Bill: It’s just about, it’s just about “Hey look this is a viable method and I’ll just put this to use and I’m gonna use this support that bill has offered and he is know for, for being really quick, getting back at people early and helping people to succeed.” and that’s the key behind this but you really gotta take the work and just do it cause there’s not a lot and better you get at it the quicker you will be able to do it.
James: Yes, I’ve actually been doing a slightly veriationated version, it’a a real word, veriationated version of this method that actually requires way more work. I like the little tweaks that you put on this because it’s gonna make it easier and a little bit of a different business model and porbably make more than the way i am currently doing it. So yeah, it’s what i say, you gave me some gold nuggets, new way to look at it. (some background noise) so perky up and press me. Don’t wanna make business all over the net. i don’t know what they’re gonna be saying on there.
Bill: Man, this is the price you pay for having the phone in the office and totally not expecting anyont to call you at such an early hour on a business day.
James: Specially when your still stuck in the 90’s and don’t have a physical voice answering machine when everyone else have voicemail now.
Bill: But then i can’t listen to what their saying right, so the key here is that i can actually screw you while your calling me so i just i have to listen first of all. I get to listen to a wonderful version of my wife speaking and i enjoy that and then i get to go “Hhmm, who’s the person on the other side to actually, terrible of what they have to say, if i do i answer if not i just ignore it.”
James: That is actually a lot more efficient then always have to call in and check your voice mail, cause I honestly never check it.
Bill: Excactly, this way i can hear it and i save the others the bonus i can just press the leaf if i didn’t like what i heard.
James: (laughing) I like that, well that’s awesome. Alright, So i wanna talk about, cause your getting, I see that your already getting a lot of questions on the thread as people saying, you know, their a little bit fearfull, that’s really what it is, that people are just afraid of anything that sounds like it requires work. So everyone wants a three click system and not do anything so sooner you say this requires some work you already get the people who are scared off and start screaming “This is not newbie friendly.” But i understand and i see inside these through ins and soooo many extra bonuses and just a pluster of extra material that you’ve kinda covered everything so you tell a little bit about how you just went above and beyond and what’s some of these extra bonuses and how it makes it work for anyone mo matter any experience level. But beyond the actual main message.
Bill: Ok, so the main method that the one thing I always hear from people, no matter what the product is, is there’s always “This isn’t newbie friendly.” “It’s not newbie friendly enough for me.” And I totally get that and respect that I remember what it was like to be a newbie. And I remember kinda of what it’s like to that three button pusher. So basically what I did was I took an abbreviated version of my coaching program and i put together, and this is my elite coaching program, and I put it together in a fashioon that anyone can tkae and start seeing results. And I get people all the time that’s gone through this training in the past tell me that “Yeah, this really works, I can’t believe it.” so I figured I’d throw that in there so that anybody who’s overwhelmed by the actual product they see in front of them “Like whoa, you know what maybe i’m not quite there.” I’ve added the links in there so you can go through that training it’s free of charge you go through, you apply it, once you have some success you’ll understand the business a little bit better and then you can come back to the main offer and you’ll be like “DING! DING! DING!” and the lights bulbs will go off and then they go “God, this is just a little bit of work and i can make thousands and thousands of dollars for my efforts.”
James: Uhm. Yup, the many, many, many product creators I know do not go this far above and beyond with adding to make sure everything is covered. Usually you just get the main method you paid for and your pretty much left out. I love that, I love that you threw in parts of the you know foundational stuff that gets anyone started no matter what your doing. It’s actually the sum of the stuff you put in there pretty much covers a start for anyone who’s getting in IM and that’s good. It’s knida some stuff that should be covered anyways so it’s really kinda universal, I like that you add that, that really makes it no excuse for anyone to say that they can’t make this work or you knw that they can’t see themselves getting eight grand in five hours because they don’t know anything and they start. I hear that all the time “I don’t know anything.” “I’ve never done anything like this before and i can’t do it.” and you know I’d like to say that anyone was new at some point you know. None of us were just born knowing all this stuff, I hear that, all the time people tell me “Of course James, well you can do it.” “Of course Bill, you’re Bill.” “You can do it cause your Bill.” but you know, no just, he wasn’t born Bill. (laughing) I don’t think.
Bill: (laughing) I was born Bill, but I wasn’t certainly born this version. Just took a lot of crafting setting ties to this dealership for upgrades and get carbs and all that stuff. Like you really had to enhance this model.
James: Right, So you know as a product creator myself, I know that kinda frustrates me when i hear that when people say “Oh it’s you so course you can do it cause it’s easy.” and it’s like “Nooo, it took work to get here, I wasn’t just born doing this. I started at the same place as everyone else and you keep doing it and keep doing it and you keep getting better each time that you do it.” The only way you get better at something is doing it repeatedly over and over and over you don’t just come out of the gate knowing how to do all of this. So when you say, you know, your new so you can’t just do this is just a cop out. So you can go back and buy something else and kinda go back through this process over and over but really once you, all it takes is that you make the decision to say that you know “I’m serious about this and I’m going to make it work.” There’s no way to fail the only way you fail is when you give up. As long as you do this and this is a great foundation way to start you’ll make it work and Bill’s left nothing out with all the extras so you’re vocered every step of the way.
Bill: Can I , can I have some playing room. Can step in and offend to anyone who maybe a button chaser right now.
James: Yeah, absolutely. We expect you to.
Bill: Like is that ok?
James: Off course.
Bill: Ok, as you know I don’t like to pull punches too often. I just want to paint a really quick backdrop k. Everyone told me that I was silly in fact i would get laughed at, at work, regularly for the fact that I used to have a draught because I’m just like everybody else I started at the same spot. And I would be totaled over and over and over again, in fact I had many battles with the wife both this wasn’t gonna happen or how it was gonna work but the difference from me is, is that there was nothing else, there is nothing else that I wanna do other than be home and be able to be a part of my kids lives and show people. And once I got all this figured out showing people it’s one of the most rewarding things but it didn’t just come because I wanted it to come, I’m talking about, for me I would get up early before work I would spend an hour on the computer learning stuff not going and buying some more stuff and some more stuff and some more stuff, taking what I had and applying it and I go to work i’d listen to a whole bunch of PDFs or MP3s while others at work all day about getting better bout really making this happen I worked in the construction industry so there were about ten, twelve hour days in the sun or in the rain, it didn’t matter, lifting heavy beams and i’d have to come home and parent for a bit and stay up and commit myself during the evenings doing the work necessary to get myself going. Now that doesn’t necessarily paint the roseiest picture but but it paints a clear picture for you. It’s not about people who want it, it’s about people who want it no matter what, this is what they want. if you just kinda half heartedly wanna make some money then it’s gonna take you a long time if you have absolutely have no money and you’re in desperation or you’re gonna find that your spending way more money over and over and over again trying to get rich, just go buy lottery tickets. You have the same amount of odds in buying a WSO just because you bought it. Nothings that’s gonna be sold to you to magically gonna make the computer just pan and search, sh*tting money at you. Pardon my french, on the big time stage here but it’s not gonna happen. You actually have to get up and do that work, if your willing to do that work with this method that’s here plus the freebie newbie training that I included in here. Your going to actually certain some results, from those results you can either say “I really want to expound this.” or “I need to work with someone closer to make this happen.” which is a total possibility. So it’s all about those type of things and putting together the right mindframe. If you wanna buy this new WSO and hope just because you do and open that PDF, it’s just that your computer is going to throw money at you that not gonna happen, please do not buy, because someone who has a dream has a goal has a vision who wants to get out and by all means please get in here cause I’ve got support that unparalled around the industry. So those are the type of qualifications for buying this product. Hope that’s not crazy.
James: Nope, that makes sense and it totally should not turn anyone off who’s listening to this, who listen to my show or anything at all. That should totally should already been expected and no because I feel the same way about it. On that note i want to really talk one more thing, just about the price about this product really bout any product, I get tons of people talking about the price, you know before I shell out, that was one of the emails I got on one of my other products that’s five dollars and still I talk to my lead in on a product that’s five dollars and then I get an email that says, you know “Before I shell out five bucks for something like this, here’s 400 questions I need answered first.” and it’s funny cause it’s really, it’s the same person that you know goes and pumps gas and then they grab a red bull, you know the ten ounce can for four ninety nine and doesn’t even blink they don’t ask any questions or figure out and see if it’s the perfect right thing for them right now and then go and drink it and then see if they try it out and see if the energy bursts to the level they want and come back and ask for a refund if they don’t think they work for them or because, it’s like to me, it’s like drinking the red bull and expecting it to work out for you before you go to the gym and go “Oh well it didn’t work, I don’e feel any stronger at the gym.”
Bill: (laughs)
James: Because I drank the red bull and it didn’t seem to lift the weights for me. But at the same time, I don’t care if the price started at about five or by now the OTO is about you know thirty or fourty dollars. To me it’s still i understand some people out there still struggle to come up with that but to me you know when you think about franchises or you know someone who buys a restaurant to start a business. Your starting an online business, even if it’s up to fifty dollars your talking about starting your own online business for fifty dollars which has the potential to pay you for years to come. But whatever the price is, if you can get that perspective a little bit on an investment in your future, you know when people who wanna start a restaraunt, their talking equipment fourty, fifty grand down, space they gotta get and with no guarantee of return. You know when i used to do real estate the old way of investing is when i used to buy the properties and rehab them and all that again your talking twenty, thirty, fourty grand down sitting on it for six months. Materials, cost, physical actual labor and all that good stuff to start a real estate business or you know any other business you can think of online, where can you spend as much as a case of red bull and start an online business that has the potential to even eight thousand dollars within teh next five hours after buying it if you apply it. So really i don’t care what the price is on any of these businesses, business models, if you stick with it you make price irrelevant. So make that commitment to yourself that if your gonna go in to something, go at it not based on the price, go be honest with yourself and go at it based on your own personal commitment level to making it happen not, don’t go in with curiosity and go “I just wanna see what this is about.” and see if i really want to put the effort in. Know that you’re gonna put the effort in before you even buy it or don’t waste your time. And just go in it, knows that it works, you can see the reviews, know that your getting the support and you know I wouldn’t recommend if i didn’t believe in the model of the person or the support. Know upfront, it works, and if your serious about it don’t even think about the price it’s irrelevant. When you think about the returns you’re gonna get when you stick to it. So, thank you Bill, do you have any final words or anyway people can contact you for more information and wanna get more info on you how can get a hold of you. If you have anything else to say about the eight K in five hours method.
Bill: Ok, if they wanna get a hold of me, this will be the easiest place to get a hold of me. I know people that I’m crazy if i say this but it is facebook.com/billhugall.marketing that say you can get hold of me you wanna learn more, you wanna ask questions, that’s awesome. And then everything will roll from there, as far as this product is concerned, I have put a price freeze on it now for “WSO of the day” this product was kinda cool to do that. But like you said, if you wanna get into this, like go in it whole hearted ready to do it because it works. It’s just about you now and wether you’re willing to take the work or not and if you are will to do the work, you get stuck, I have the support to help you, that’s the whole goal here and i look forward to helping you guys out and seeing some success stries come from here.
James: Awesome, kisk *ss, so if you wanna grab that now go to coachlikes.com/8kin5hours that’s the number eight the letter k in, I N the number five hours coachlikes.com/8kin5hours you should go grab Bill Hugall’s eight K in five hours method specially if your catching this now the price is frozen if it’s later and the price is not frozen anymore, who cares, grab it anyway. So coachlikes.com/8kin5hours the link should be below this and you just click that and go over and grab it and tell em James “Coach Comeback” sent you and they will specially take care of you in facebook when you them you’re message and say hi. So take action, grab this method cause it works, I’ve used it, all of the big names have used this method and the twist they’ve put in there where you can do it starting today in less than 5 hours you’re sure to come up with some creative ways to use this in your own business no matter what you’re in, thank you again Bill, for being here and thanks for sharing a little more insight into your product and congratulations on another WSO of the day.
Bill: Thank you.
James: Thank you everyone. Episode 22, out.

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