Ep 25 – PODCAST – Turning Your "Kraft" into Thousands a Month – w/ Trevor Emdon

A few days ago I wrote a blog post celebrating Sisi (my newly wed wife) officially becoming a WarriorForum member.

She broke into the forum with a post titled “I can’t believe how big it is” which can be found at the link. So go say hi on her first ever thread if you feel so inclined.

Also, over the weekend I got to interview The Wizard of Wisdom on the “Morning Ketchup” (my podcast).

I took this long to send it out because we had some audio issues and I was doing my best to try to get it edited better.

The result was either me sounding normal and The Wizard EXTREMELY LOUD, or me really low and Wiz normal. Since you probably are already used to hearing my voice, and The Wiz is the one doing most of the talking, I thought it was best to go with the second option.

Lot’s of stuff covered on the show. Hope you enjoy it.
P. James “whispering” Holland

Coach Comeback
P.S – The reason for this interview was Kindle Kraft. You can click the link to find out exactly what that is.

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www. bizjournals.com

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