GOOD NEWS – We might not be homeless much longer!

No "moral" support needed on moving day, thanks!
No “moral” support needed on moving day, thanks!

I have 3 exciting announcements to share with you…

Sisi is feeling better and actually got outside today.  HOORAY for that already.

While out taking Milo (our all white mini poodle) for a walk she took a different route around the neighborhood this time.
Well, who knew, tucked away inside this little neighborhood was a quiet little southern style community!
Homes are all brick.  Built around 1997, so they are new, but not new enough to lose the charm.
Directly across from a pond filled with geese she found that one of these beautifully manicured homes just happens to be for rent.
Long story short, she gave the guy a call… and the call was good.
Owner is an older man – retired – living in Chicago and just purchased the place as a rental.  Him and Sisi talked for what seemed like hours.  You would have thought they were old high school buddies.
So as you may know we have been struggling with finding a place that we really like while dealing with this whole mess with the eviction scam (see the blog at for the back story if none of this makes sense).
We have an appointment to go check out the place tomorrow. So far.. IT SOUNDS PERFECT FOR US!  I will send pictures if we get inside tomorrow.
Now for the even better new!
There are some exciting NEW changes about to be made to the membership!
When I say “about to” … I mean like.. probably by this weekend!
This will effect you personally.  So please listen to this short little message I made for you to know how your membership is going to drastically change from now on
I am so thrilled with this I can hardly stand it…
P. James “I knew something good would come from this” Holland
Coach Comeback
If it is not ready yet it is because I could not wait to send out this email and you might have missed me. Just keep hitting refresh until it is there before it is gone!  =-)

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