Another amazing year!
Today my wife celebrates her Xxth birthday.
No that is not roman numerals. Just not sure if she wants her age revealed.
But if you remember my birthday in April . . . Then she is now has the same age as me 🙂
So I will be taking the day off to spend it trying my best to pamper her.
What better way to start it than with a gift for you?
Here is the deal:
For 24 hours only. . . Just during my lady luck’s birthday. .
I will offer a 3 pay option to ANY of my coaching programs
Like My Product Launch Coaching (click here for details) http://coachlikes.com/secretvideo
This is the same course responible for my wso of the day again on Saturday.
The same training that made wDigital over $33,000 in 3 weeks.
The same material that allowed Trevor (wizardpfwisdom) to retire from the medical field after 37 years within 3 weeks of joining.
Yep, same one that allowed Naidy Phoon to dropout of college to pursue something he is mpre passionate about from the comfort of his home.
Never again having to get up at 6am
No more fighting traffic.
Never hating Monday’s again.
I have never offered a 3 month payment plan before.
I just don’t like doimg it that way. But you likely have been wanting to join but didn’t have the lump sum
Well here is your chance to get in and break up the payment
No sales page. Nothing fancy.
I am only offering this 2 the first 5 people.
As I will be off today and wont be able to get you in until tomorrow morning. . .
What you need to do now is hold your spot with a simple deposit.
When I get back on Tuesday I will ask you which program you want and send you the joining details.
If you happen to be after the first 5, I will simple just return your deposit asap.
So this also applies to the real estate coaching (was offered at the end of day 30)
Or the laptop legacy just launched with Bill Hugall.
Best thing to do is book your spot now, then go watch the videos and decide after
Ok. I’m off to enjoy my wife.
Talk tomorrow
P. James “7-7” Holland
Ps. Head on over to my personal Facebook page and tell her happy birthday. (Not sure if she allows wall posts by non friends on her wall . . But give it a try 😉 )

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