How To Commit Suicide Easy and Painlessly


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  1. Shankhadip says:

    Life sucks,and people always judge you,there are lot of events in your life beyond your control,life isn’t the same for all of us and not everyone is lucky.I got ditched by my ex and judged by a lot of people,people think I am some loose charactered psycho if only they knew my story..

    • Yeah I have to agree with you. Life can take some unfortunate turns. I personally have lost EVERYTHING! House, car, job, girl, my business, even my dogs. I would not wish for ANYONE to have to go through what I went through. So I know exactly how you must feel. But there is a bright day ahead for you my friend. That I can promise you.

      Add me on skype and we can continue this. I will gladly share my full story with you.

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