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[quote style=”boxed”]A house if built on a solid, well planned foundation, will create a great base for the rest of the structure[/quote]


Have you ever been walking for seems like only a few minutes and all of the

How to cure backaches

sudden you have this throbbing lower back pain?



Maybe you have a job where you stand most of the time and by the end of the day  all you can think about is jumping into a nice steaming bubble bath with a tall glass of Merlot.


Well according to Amy Lynch … this may be due to your feet.


[quote style=”boxed”]A large number of people may not have pain in their feet, but that could be the source of their problems further up the body. Many studies over the years, including those in the Orthopedic Physical Assessment, state that 80 percent of people have foot problems, whether they feel any effects or not from it, and 80 percent also experience lower back pain at some point in their life. Many chiropractors and experts believe those identical stats, are no coincidence.

Proper foot alignment can cause an array of problems including, back pain, sciatica, sacral joint pain, sway back, hip joint pain, posture problems, tightness in the joints and muscles from the legs to the back, disc bulges, knee pain, osteoarthritis, pelvic imbalance, piriformis syndrome and even headaches. And that is not including problems that can occur with the actual feet themselves.[/quote]


I have had bad knees for the better part of my life and all the Doctors told me wat that it was from overuse and that it wass omething I just had to get used to.


The rest of my life with throbbing knees???  I dont think so!

I was 20 years old and extremely active in any sport I get possibly get into.  There was no way I was going to accept that.

So after digging a little deaper I learned that the actual “tendinitis”, as the doctors diagnosed, was actually coming from the fact that I had flat feet.

Which was strange because to this day, I have never had a problem with pain in my feet AT ALL!

Yet they were still the source of all my troubles.

A few simple changes were made to my shoes, posture and the way I walk and muscle strengthening and goodbye bad knees.

This video will show you some of the easy steps I took to improve my back pain…. and everything else that came along with it.


[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]Source: How to Improve Your Posture Through Your Feet By Amy Lynch

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