How To Find Happiness Within Yourself…In All The Wrong Places


Publish Author and humorist. Vagabonding around the world. Successfully unemployed for 9 years. Showing you how to do the same... minus the vagabond part... I mean... unless that is your thing. To learn how it all started and what allowed me this woderfuld life ...  click here now

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  1. Priska says:

    Hello James,
    The biggest problems that I have had have turned into my major successes.
    The one that has had the most impact is my relationship.
    I divorced in my late twenties and had difficulty meeting anyone that I felt able to connect with. After nearly twenty years alone I resigned myself to being a failure in the relationship department.
    I have now been with my partner for over ten years. All that I can say is that I have found my soul mate and life gets better each day.

    • YOWZER!!! What a transformation!!! What do you think was the most contributing factor Priska? I mean, what took you from considering yourself a failure to finding your soul mate? I think many are stuck in that “failure” phase and could learn a lot from you

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