How To Find Pleasure In The Little Things – Video – Laughing babies (adorable)


With all that is going on in

laughing babyour busy lives sometimesit can be hard to

find pleasure in the little things.

We tend to get so caught up in our huge goals like getting a promotion, buying a new car, getting a house or waiting for Mr./Mrs Right, that we forget to take the time to notice that we can actually enjoy every little thing along the way….Say…. Like ripping paper.WHAT???Ripping paper!

When was the last time you just stopped everything you were doing to enjoy a good paper tearing?

Never, you say?  Then you do not know what you are missing!

Funny babies hysterically laughing at ripping paper – YouTube

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You say ripping paper not your thing?

I hear you.  You may need something a little more sophisticated to really entertain you.

I get it.  You have sooooo much going on that taking the time to laugh along like a baby at ripping paper just does not tickle your fancy.

If this is you, you are going to want to pay close attention to the second video

Baby laughing at the sound of ripping tape – Funny, Cute YouTube

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I know you can find that inner child in you and find a way to find happiness in something simple today.

Try a few of these and see if you can look at from a point of view of pure innocence

  • Go out in your grass barefoot
  • Ask a kid to tell you some dumb jokes (they all know at least 5)
  • Run like Phoebe Buffay – See Video at bottom
  • Just laugh out loud for no reason
  • and if all else fails…. rip paper!

Phoebe Buffay Running. Also known as Lisa Kudrow, Regina Phalange – Friends – The one where Phoebe Runs

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