How to Get Naturally Longer Hair FAST!


Well I am definitely not the expert on how to get naturally longer hair fastas my hair has never been longer than the hair on the average person’s to get naturally longer hair fast image

Ok… once I grew it out for 6 months on a bet in high school but there are no pictures to prove it and I will deny it in front of a jury.

However, my lovely wife (whom you can see lighting up the screen with her beautiful smile in the picture here) has beautiful, long, flowing, naturally curly hair that I just cant seem to keep my hands out of.

If you are like any other woman, your bathroom probably looks like the equivalent of a meth lab with all the different products and chemicals going on in there (although I actually have no idea what a meth lab looks like.  I will check youtube later.)

So through trial and error we have come across lots of fantastic tips over the years that keeps her hair shining bright, long and strong all using only natural products.

How to Get Naturally Longer Hair FAST!

[quote style=”boxed”]1. Get your hair trimmed once every 6-8 weeks.

In order to grow your hair long, you want to keep the dead ends from splitting. Once your hair is damaged, the ends will split and make your hair look and feel frizzy. Getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks gets the dead ends off and prevents further damage.

2. Only brush your hair once or twice a day.

This recommendation seems unusual, but it really makes a big difference in the health of your hair. Brushing your hair is helpful to distribute the natural oils from your scalp throughout the rest of your hair, but it’s also damaging to the strands. Brushing your hair less frequently will minimize breakage and allow your hair to look smoother.

3. Always blow-dry your hair on low with warm heat (never hot).

If you blow-dry your hair, be sure to set your hair dryer’s intensity on “low” and never use the “hot” heat setting. Using the highest settings fries your hair and accelerates damage.

Your best bet is to also use a diffuser attachment to distribute the heat and help your hair dry faster.

BONUS TIP: To make your hair look even shinier, use a round brush at the ends of your hair while focusing the hair dryer on it to “curl” it slightly under.

Using this technique from the roots of your hair down to the bottom while holding the “cold” shot button will add extra shine because it helps seal the hair strands. (Hot air expands them and cool hair contracts them.)

4. Use a hot oil treatment once a week.

Hot oil treatments help smooth your hair and prevent future damage. They’re easy to use, just heat the tube up in the sink and apply to your hair before shampooing. Let it set for one minute and then rinse, shampoo, and condition as you normally would.

You can find hot oil treatments in the hair care aisles of discount stores and drug stores. The brand isn’t important, go for the least expensive one you can find. Be sure to stock up when they go on sale.

One that I really like is this one


These are just some of the practices you should make a natural habit thank to Sheri Fink

Now this one may sound a bit crazy but have you ever put apple cider vinegar in your hair?

This is quickly becoming one of my most favorite natural ingredients to keep in the house.  It has so so many amazing uses besides the one you will learn in this video.

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Now to add the final touches.

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After applying all of these techniques you should be very well equipped and know how to get naturally longer hair fast.  Maybe you will want to start small and just do a few of these things at a time and see how well they work for you.

What are some methods I may have missed?  Please share your tips.  Would love to know some of the results you guys are getting and any other natural ways to quickly grow your hair.



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