I am breaking my silence…


this has gone on long enough

But I can’t hold my tongue any longer

I have been doing this in silence because I just hate having to explain it or the instant judgment that comes with what I am about to tell you…

But if we are to stay connected, It is not like me to shy away from personal stuff that I share.

And I have lost that. I have not been writing to you because a lot has been going on.

But I promise to be a better mentor, advisor, positive influence and dare I say.. friend and write to you more often.

But here goes…


I am Vegan!!!


I love vegans memeHave been for over a year now. My wife Sisi, started earlier and it’s closer to 2 years for her. I was “afraid” to put that label on it so I wasn’t keeping track of an exact date when it happened.

When offered, I would just politely decline the meals and say I would get my own food later without giving a reason.

As soon as you say you are vegan I get questions like…

“So.. are you like… a hippie?”

“Are you going to become a bra-burning activist?”

and the every so hated…

“But… where do you get your protein from bro?”


I will be sharing more about the struggle (it’s real), the reasons behind the transition and why I want to punch most of my friends and family square in the back of their foreheads all in coming emails/blogs…

Yep.. you heard me.. BLOG!!!

I am going back to one of my abandoned loves. WRITING!

It might just read like a 14-year-old girls diary, filled with crushes and fashion crisises’s…

But I will be writing again.

I have so much more to tell you

What do vegans eat imageP. James “found love in a hopeless place” Holland
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also known as Coach Comeback… sometimes

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