I Can't Believe How BIG It Is…

That’s what she said – LITERALLY!
It is official…
I am TOTALLY head-over-heels (if I was still wearing them) in love with my new bride!
Well, I guess it was already official when I asked her to marry me. But NOW it is officially official.
(insert evil laugh)
That is correct. Last night Sisi created herself a Warrior Forum profile. YEAH BUDDY! So you know what that means right? We gots stuff brewing (stay tuned for that)
But why the new found love?
I suggested she make her first post in the “off topic” section of WF to introduce herself, and what is the title of her thread?
“I can’t believe how big it is.”
Yup. My wife, the mother of my 2 dogs, the one that got away, came back, and fell into my trap… errr…. ummm… love spell, came up with THAT as her very first thread title
Almost brought a tear to my eye. Made papa so proud!
Even better, this post was already stirring up a lil drama in the thread. To the point where the moderators already had to come in and “clean up” the place. I LOVE IT!
And the OTHER unbelievable cool thing is…
Her name was not taken yet! WHAT?!?!?!
Yeah, her WF ID is simply “Sisi”. We were trying to come up with crazy variations hoping that the name would be available like:
Then she just simply typed in “Sisi” and got the green light that it was available.
Can you believe that? Her WF id is SISI. Kinda like Cher.
I would like to invite you to check out her profile and find out exactly what she thinks is “so big” and see her very first WF post.
History being made here.
PRE-p.s. Oh yeah, you may just see a picture of a Ninja (no pun intended there) a Samurai, One Beautiful/Gorgeous/Sexy Belly Dancer and a Irish Pub Maiden ….
P. James “tickled pink” Holland
Coach Comeback
P.S. – what Sisi has planned may or may not have something to do with something mentioned on this page (tee hee hee).
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