I don't own a cell phone – WHAT!?!?!? – Part 2

http://www.clker.com/clipart-16506.htmlMost people look at me like I just told them the president had been shot when I tell them I have not had a cell phone in probably over 3 years now.
(you know… I am probably sending out some sort of government alert by having president and shot in the same post. Well, hopefully by reading this it makes you an accomplice. If I go down… WE ALL GO DOWN!!! lol )
[NOTE: THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF THIS POST – PART 1 – Them Move, The Scam and the Fleas – Never a Dull Moment]
And as big as a shock that is, they usually almost keel over and die when I tell them it has been closer to 7 years since I have had a TV!
WHAT!?!?!?! (New favorite word. Just watched The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson)
Well, I have owned an actual Television. I mean cable tv (dish or satellite included).
You see, when I started on this journey many moons ago (Financial freedom and an abundance of happiness in my life) I realized the dedication it would take to make it happen. I knew to have what others don’t have, I would have to do what others don’t do.
And luckily I realized early that the most valuable asset we all have is hour time. It is precious. It is the one thing that cannot be replaced.
So while people are fighting tooth and nail over possessions and “things” in this world, I am protecting my precious time.
Back when I still had my 6 figure Corporate Job with AT&T and “living the dream” by everyone else’s standards, deep down I always wanted more.
Once I reached the highest pay bracket you could get in my position something inside me snapped. I was like “Is this it? Nothing left to strive for? Now just repeat for another 20-30 years???”
That is when I put in my 2 weeks notice and officially confirmed my parents beliefs that I was certifiably crazy!
That’s right, getting a big raise was the reason I walked out on the “security” of a fortune 500 “stable” job with full benefits, 401k… the works.
I may be getting a little emotional because my 6 year anniversary of my LIBERATION day (as I like to call it) is coming up November 10th.
On that date I will have been happily unemployed for a full 6 years now! WOW… I still can believe it has been that long. You may already know this full story so I will skip to the point for now…
No cell phone….
When I made the decision all those years ago that freedom was more important than money (read the 4 hour work week by Timothy Ferriss to fully understand that one. The basic question: Would you rather work 4 hours a week and make $40k a year or work 80 hours a week for $200k a year… or something like that. That was eye opening for me. I had all the money in the world… no time to even spend it. Is that the goal???)
I decided to get rid of all distractions so that I could focus on what mattered most – building a real future where all of my wildest dreams were possible, while still enjoying it today. Not waiting until I am retired to finally start enjoying life because that “just the way things are done” like most people who are stuck in that routine will try to convince you of.
Tv was an easy one to go. I work full time from home and I would pop the tv on while eating breakfast… 3 hours later I was just getting started on work. It is just too easy to lose 3-5 hours a day on TV without even realizing. My time is better spent inching away at something great!
But the cell phone… this one was tricky. Most believe this is just as much a necessity as TV. But I will challenge you to question that.
While working, and especially writing, it takes a bit to get into a “flow”. You know, that moment when time seems to stand still and you get more done in an hour than you got done in the previous day!
Flows are goooood! Me likey flows =-)
But when I was stopping every 7 minutes to check my emails (because it used to beep and blink each time I got a new one) or respond to text messages or phone calls, my flows started to come to far and few between.
So for over 3 years I have had an online phone number. Meaning, I have a phone number, but no physical phone. I have the option to have that number forwarded to any other phone I choose… IF I choose.
But for years I have only had it linked to Skype. The instant messenger service. It also can make and receive phone calls as well as text messages. And it is not even close to the price of cell phone service.
The funny thing is, most people didn’t even notice the difference. Now I could just turn it off while I was working and get all my messages at a time when I was not working on priority tasks.
Life was good.
Until moments like these…
Where I just moved and I am in a new place and have to wait a week to get internet installed. No internet. No Skype. No internet. No Work for James. No internet and no work make James GO CRAAAAZY!!!!
side story——-
The other day while hanging out with friend they were talking about how excited they were about their newest and greatest cell phone. It is the fastest and most GIGANTIC HTC release. Joking about the size I picked it up and said “hey, I see you got a new tablet”.
Then I started daydreaming. I said, man that would be ideal for me, I wish my tablet was always connected. Like somehow on the same service as a cell phone, but on my tablet instead. That way while I am out (or with no internet) I can still make calls, text and reply to emails (the main 3 functions of my business, whether its talking with homeowners negotiating a real estate deal, private coaching, or responding to emails and comments from students in my membership sites) from my tablet. I would rather carry an always connected tablet than a cell phone. Plus I have all my kindle books at my fingertips.
Come to find out, such a service DOES exist!!!
Where have I been?!?!? Don’t answer that!
So I immediately start calling all the major providers and find that the monthly service is only $15 a month! WOW!
Bad news is, the tablet I have been using religiously for years is now an antique and is not compatible.
Cut to the chase…
Instead of getting a new cell phone, I got a new Samsung Galaxy tablet with $15 a month service. But of course, you know I didn’t PHYSICALLY go to the store and buy this. I never do. I am not a big fan of shopping.
So it will be delivered sometime this week. After that I shall never be without “cell” service or internet again =-)
It also has the option to work as a mobile hotspot so I can connect my laptop through it if I need to.
Seems that there is always a way to work things out for the better. Who knows, had I not been in the middle of this housing scam it could have been a few more years before I discovered this wonderful service lol.
So, I still have no cell phone…. but you wont even notice =-)
But let me ask you…
Have you set a major goal for yourself and your future? Are you actively working towards it every single day? Are there some sacrifices you can make today that will speed things up?
You don’t have to achieve it all in one day. Tell yourself, as long as today… I am closer than yesterday… and eventually you will get there.
Maybe you don’t have to get rid of your cell phone or ax cable. But if at the end of the day you plop on the lazy boy in a mini coma and spend the next 5 hours of the day in the exact same spot… give it a thought.
Action breeds success.
ps. No change in my housing situation yet, but we are actively looking for another place in the meantime.

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