I just got my account banned! – I need your help!


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4 Responses

  1. TimCStar says:

    Hi Coach,

    Just read this post & checked in over at WF. Apparently, you’re back up & running over there. Congrats! Glad to see it. Also just bought the WSO that started all the ruckus!

    See you in the MWF.


    • Hey Thanks for the support Tim! Yeah with a few emails and a little groveling and a promise to never do it again… I got my account back with a slap on the wrist! =-) So glad. It was an honest mistake from an obvious newbie!

  2. Kader Shahari says:

    I think every newbie have experienced of their account got banned either at youtube, google adwords, and the list go on.

    Maybe by simple mistakes, or just by doing fake or spammy things.

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