My Last Night In New York – A New Journey Begins… AGAIN

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  1. James – You ARE crazy… but in a good way. I love that you are willing to shake off the dust and adjust when needed. Just like in business. You are a living example of how business should run.

    My story of doing the impossible? I was 27 years old and finally had it with my moron of a husband who wasn’t coming home, putting our finances up his nose and verbally abusive. I had two small children, no recent employment history, a high school diploma and no way to support myself. What did I do? In a nutshell – I kicked some ass. I took a voc. tech. course, got a job, paid my bills, supported my children and then went on to college. Graduated, promoted and made good money. Then I quit and I now follow MY dreams not the life I was forced to live. My story… like yours…. is it’s not impossible. Now I realize that it’s not impossible to pursue my passions and earn income ta boot.

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