I'm Fat… and Other Important Updates

Quick update to everything that is going on.
Things covered:

  • Why Scales are the Devil
  • How To possibly join my real estate partnership and close a deal with me
  • Why is apple juice so dang brown?
  • What’s up with those “promotions” in your emails?
  • How to get featured on my podcast for free
  • Why are my emails soooo random now?
  • What to look forward to in the coming weeks
  • and much more….


Links mentioned in the podcast
1. Mobile Affiliate Mastermind by Don Silva “DigitalPimp”
2. Hypnowords by Trevor “WizardofWisdom”
3. Real Estate Partnership – Email inquiries only
4. Ebook Inception by Kieran Conway
5. Cash Cow Subscriber Explosion – by Wayne “wdigital”
6. Fiver Cash Ninja – By NaidyPhoon
7. Muse Mastering – Private coaching by me, Coach Comeback

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