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6 Responses

  1. Mike Kawula says:

    This is so right on.

    I recently implemented the last on by going on the 21 day sugar free diet and its been over 100+ days. Its had such a huge impact on me concentrating and getting more done in my business each day.

    Great Post!

    • Can you give more details on the diet plan you followed? How many days has it been now? Are you still following it Mike?

      • More than 6 Months bud and feel like a complete champ. My sons crossfit Coach talked me into trying it and was the best thing I did. Always Energized and feel awesome.

        Didn’t realize how much sugar was in Pasta, Bread, Rice….I’ve cut that all out (maybe 1-3 times a month if out to eat). I was never a “sweets” person but loved Pasta. The first 2 weeks were very hard, headaches (withdrawal I’m sure) and feeling different. I’m back to my High School Wrestling Weight (20 years ago), doing CrossFit and its really helped my business.

        Google 21 Day Sugar Free Diet | She’s pretty good: http://balancedbites.com/21dsd

        If you want to Skype about it Happy to but really recommend it. I didn’t need to loose weight but needed more to control my ups/downs as an Entrepreneur.

  2. Kader Shahari says:

    Informative blog post here James. Anyway, I love drinking coffee, only now I know it can boost my health from disease.

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