[5 Hours Left] Final Friendly Reminder

Hey, here is an idea
If you don’t have time to watch the replay from last weeks amazing free training…
Go to the link and download the video
hee hee hee (insert evil grin)
Just don’t tell anyone I told you this.
But I do it all the time.  Especially when I know something is going to be taken away.
Now I am not going to give you my resources on downloading web videos from any website… just know that it can be done for free.  Do some digging  >=-)
Anywhhooot.. this will be the last reminder about it, then I will officially be back to my normal goodies for you.
But I would not be doing you any favors if I did not express how valuable this training was…
And I would bet you would be pretty annoyed to find out you could have gotten it free when you see it launched as a product in the coming weeks to….
Just saying.  Trying to prevent any unnecessary anguish on your part.  Arn’t I a sweet guy?
The 48-hour Cash Infusion Method Revealed (replay for 5 more hours)
Online Video
Remember to email me any questions on how you can start doing this right away.
But you MUST go to the link now because by this time tomorrow it will be gone.
P. James “bearing yet another storm” Holland
ps. Our new addition to the family (Lucas the Spanish Water dog) is adjusting nicely. But NOT happy about this thunder at all. He is under my chair as I write this  =-(
pps. ok.. I will give you ONE source for downloading web vids… There is a free firefox browser extension called Flash internet video downloader… that is all I will say

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