Is Sisi Even Real? She is waaaay to beautiful for you!

Is Sisi real?

You know, the girl to the left in my profile photo? (show images to see)
You would be surprised how often I get asked that.
Ok, they don’t actually say “she is waaaay to gorgeous for you”… I threw that part in for effect!
I still have to pinch myself every morning when I wake up next to her to make sure I am not dreaming.. =-)
So, for the FIRST TIME EVER… I asked Sisi to come and introduce herself LIVE and in the flesh for a formal introduction herself.
Out of all the multiple ventures I have completed over these years online during this journey.. this is the first time has ever done something like this.
It was live!
Spur of the  moment!
Raw and uncut!
So would you please give a nice warm welcome to….
Let me know what you think of our on air chemistry.  We might just do this regularly if you rather listen to her instead of me all the time lol
P. James “There is a Star in the Building” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps.  At the end of this Sisi actually gives up her private facebook for you with all the blackmail photos of me you can handle… use wisely


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