James Gets Censored! SHEESH…Now What?

Seems I really know how to push peoples buttons…
A day or so ago I emailed you and offered you a ….“kiss”
If you would have clicked that link you would have seen a
rather …. suggestive photo.
But there was a point!
(I will get to that in a sec)
Well… I caused quite the stir!
What seemed like an innocent lil steamy picture (because, I mean
let’s be honest here – who doesn’t love sex?) did NOT get the
approval by the Internet Gods!
And by internet Gods I mean Mike Lantz and the awesome
team over at warriorplus.
That lil KISS got on a bunch of big names’ radar’s!
To the point where We (wDigital Wayne and I) got contacted requesting….
We remove it from the page!
What was his reason?
Well… he wanted to choose it as…
But said he would not choose our product with that image.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! (rolls eyes)
Honestly, the image is what set the tone for the page. Without it…
It’s just….
I dunno…..
Not the same!
I guess as a writer, you take your work personal when people edit it.
You familiar with the phrase “killing your darlings”?
It hurts man!
At any rate, happy that my kiss is being spread all over the net
(as promised in the last email) and getting in the hands of people
who need it most.
Probably well over 30 positive reviews by now!
Check out 1-page madness for yourself.
and if you saw the image before it was removed PLEASE reply with your
honest opinion:
Was it too over the top?
Are the prudes just doing what prudes do?
I really want to know if I went to far. Not that I probably wont
do it again. lol Just good to know.
Today’s WSO OF THE DAY: 1-Page Madness
P. James “bad publicity is better than no publicity” Holland
Coach Comeback

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