Kim Kardashian Gets Bombed With Flour On Red Carpet | Coach Comeback


Why its better to be loved than famous


Started out like any other Red Crapet Event – You have all the “Whos-Who” of showbiz and glam, enough paparazzi to fill 17 useless National Enquirer’s and enough plastic around to build your own Joan Rivers Army.

That is until, as usual, Kim Kardashian steals the spotlight yet again.

In a protest against the cruelty to animals and woman bombs Kardashian with a bag of flour right after calling here a “Fur Hag”.

All of this was caught on video by TMZ


[quote style=”boxed”]”I’m fine,” Kardashian told E! News after the incident. “You have to laugh it off! I brushed off and came right back out.” She also didn’t press charges against the culprit, who was detained by police and then released. What does it say that a tiny percentage of the THG staff wonders whether Kim concocted this flap on her own for the sake of publicity and sympathy? Just the obvious, we suppose.  Via The Hollywood Gossip[/quote]



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