Live Bonus Training Tomorrow -shhhh supposed to be for buyers only

Making up for lost time  =-)
As you probably know, wDigital and I got Wso Of The Day again a few days ago with that naughty lil “kissing” stunt I pulled (giggles to himself)
As I always do, I am putting on my “buyers only” bonus webinar training for the fast-action takers that believed in us and jumped in early and helped propel us to wso of the day.
I am going to take what you learned in 1-page madness, and show you a way to quadruple the maximum reach and total revenue …
IN LESS THAN 48 hours!
I have not shared this in ANY training I have ever done before!
Going to be fun.
Well I am going to tell Wayne that I accidentally clicked the wrong button and sent it to you by accident. shhhh
So you can join in on the bonus training tomorrow by clicking here.
Just do me a favor….
Don’t mention to anyone that you didn’t actually purchase 1-page madness.
I know you… you seem like the type to gloat about it!
Yeah… I probably would/have/do too
Better yet, you could just pick it up by the time the call starts.
Then I don’t have to lie to Wayne (not that I mind) and you don’t have to zip your lip about how you got in.
Good deal!
Up to you. Depends on how well you will sleep I guess
hee hee hee
Either way, my promise is that you will learn something new. And as always, I will stay on until all questions are answered at the end.
So another free opportunity to get personal help with whatever you are working on LIVE!
Join us
P. James “loves to tease” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps. This is part of the strategy that actually propelled my entire online career.
It’s like, This stuff really works 1.0 meets 1-page madness… but with less work and quadruple the results!  Now that’s a recipe!

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