LOVE STORY (1970) – Arthur Hiller, Erich Segal

Love Story (1970) I made and edited this clips video for Love Story, which considered as an old, classical remembered movie, to take out the gut of what the …

Question by Infinity: Would you rather find love, or someone find the cure for cancer?
Which is more important to you, if you had to choose between finding love and someone finding a cure for cancer?

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Answer by ♥ Clarissa ♥ {newpicture}
Probably the cure for cancer. I can love myself :]

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  1. FED UP says:

    Well, I have already found true love by accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. So, I would say finding a cure for cancer would be wonderful.


  2. Michael says:

    Well I would Say Love, I could Use that right about now, Cancer is nothing, but I dont know anyone with cancer so I guess its different

  3. betv2003 says:

    I believe love’s just a myth. Please find a cure for cancer.


    The cure for cancer, you can save millions of lives with it.

  5. Punk says:

    I would L O V E to find the cure for Cancer

  6. Lolitta - Have Gun Will Travel says:

    Love is fleeting, a cure for cancer would be more beneficial,

  7. YuYu ;3 says:

    cure for cancer. I could live without love if it meant millions wouldn’t have to lose their love.

  8. Snot Funny says:

    the cure for cancer

  9. Robert Pattinson DUH! says:

    cant we just say both? i think both are very important!

  10. ima says:

    Someone finding a cure for cancer.
    If I picked finding love, I would feel way too selfish.

  11. HeyKat says:

    The cure for cancer

  12. Cannoli says:

    someone finding the cure for cancer, I have an aunt that has breast cancer and I would do anything for her at this point.

  13. Eric Sandoval says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song the kids sing during the church scene??

  14. edgarperez08635 says:

    i just see onetime this film and i think that is so sad
    i hope that someone can upload the movie

  15. Dobra Alexandru says:

    I want someone to love me so

  16. Muhannad Safar says:

    cant wait to listen to this music everyday!

  17. kedot1987 says:


  18. Majnonbihobiha Majnon says:

    nice vury 

  19. Akram Faiz says:

    <3 Love means never having to say you are sorry <3

  20. kawaibluebow says:

    I got a music box with the theme song for my 16th bday. guess who’ll be watching this movie…..

  21. Skate Life says:

    What’s the song? / Quelle est la chanson?

  22. 1986SSMONTECARLO says:


  23. kellygopal says:

    No way can they catch the magic of the original!

  24. kellygopal says:

    The $5000 he borrowed from his father is the equivalent of $30,000 in 2012 dollars.

  25. bjroberts65 says:

    I must agree!!!

  26. Fannu Azul says:

    What’s the name of the background song? Since the beginig

  27. Fannu Azul says:


  28. Meri Musheghyan says:

    I am brought here by the book!

  29. Maria Baez says:

    is a film fantastic I love this movie…

  30. Reza Ali khan says:

    I love you fizu plz come back to my life again.

  31. endah mulyani says:

    How i can watch this movie , i really want to watch it !

  32. Jill Peters says:

    The theme song is beautiful.

  33. Fan-Fiction Fan says:

    AMEN. Hollywood can screw up a classic worse than nothing else!

  34. Liberty Lopez says:

    How can i watch this movies?

  35. Ariane Ruby Sogo-an says:

    I super love this movie!

  36. Rama Ananth says:

    How can i see the full length movie in Youtube

  37. abu999ful says:

    Nice I have like this story in ksa whit my love amal

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