8 Everyday Things You Can Do That Make You Smarter – Brain Muscle

Who says you need college to increase your brain power? Not I. Rose has put together some very simple everyday things you can start doing that have been shown to: Improve your memory Enhance prolonged focus Increase problem solving capabilities Lower stress levels and an overall improvement to your general health No excuses now! These […]

I Feel Like I Am All Alone – Reaching Out For Help

You ever feel like you are all alone? Like nothing you try is working? Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Like completely giving up on your dreams and just settling for the average, mundane, poke-me-in-the-eyes-with-bicycle-spokes daily routine of the “normal” society like your friends and family keep suggesting?   No? Just me? ………….. *sigh* Yes, […]

Why You Desperately Need To Take A Vacation Alone

Every now and then you just need to get away. Yeah, I know… No one likes to be that person in the restaurant having dinner alone. And sometimes it can get awfully chilly watching the reply of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the drive-in riding solo. But there are much more benefits to being […]

Am I Really Responsible For EVERYTHING Good and Bad In My Life

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement. – Golda Meir   Let’s not waste any time on this one with the foo-foo feel good stuff… “The reason […]

There Is A Fine Line Between Seduction And Assualt

So apparently there is a new “Seduction Guide” out there that was being funded as a KickStarter project that is causing quit the stir. It is geared towards teaching men how to be more… ALPHA… by way of force on women.  Not exactly “HOT”!   After a slew of online outrage, Kickstarter has finally come […]

Women Should Treat Men Like Pets According To Nicki Minaj

Before seeing Nicki on American Idol this year I would have taken that personally. But after seeing her for the past few months I got to see a bit of her real personality.  She really is just a big goof ball half the time. Of course I can say that… as I have a similarly […]

Should Girls Ask Guys Out? Q & A Video With Far East Movement And Plain White T's

Have you been wondering how to ask a girl out? Well most guys would actually prefer if the girl asked them out instead.   Plain White T’s Tom Higgenson and Drop City Yacht Club’s A Wolf shared the same belief. “They should do it all the time,” Higgenson urged. “Please ask me out. Anyone. If […]

How To Get A Girlfriend – The Only "Trick" You Need

How To Get A Girlfriend – The Only "Trick" You Need

 I will let you in on a little secret… It has nothing to do with looks, social status, weight, height, age, sex or skin color. You can get a girlfriend regardless if you know where to look look at me, not most attractive guy, but I got one of the hottest girlfriends on earth! And […]

How Hollywood Is Helping Men Get Dates Online

Have you ever done any acting?  Been in a movie? Commercial? A few years ago (during my Los Angeles years) I did a little acting.  Nothing major.  Mostly stuff as an “extra”. But man I had the time of my life! It was exteremly fun! They pay is ok but the FOOD IS AMAZING!  If […]