Regarding yesterday's email . . .

This will be my first time doing this…
And there is a good reason for it.
Actually, most are terrified of doing this.
And every guru, training or course you take will FORBID you from doing this!
I am doing it tomorrow
When I sent that email to you yesterday asking what you were struggling with most, it was not just a conversation starter.
I want to know what I can personally do to help you climb to the next level.
Sadly, most are not even at a current level to even know what the “next” level is when I ask.
So I know the power of getting guidance.  A lil helping hand.  Some expert advice when you are feeling stuck.
Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins says:
If you want to be successful, fin someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”
So that is the opportunity I want to give you!
I am going to do a 3 day series starting tomorrow….
Here is the thing that most are terrified to do…
I will be taking LIVE callers on the air.
What that means is, if you can make it Monday, July 28th at 3pm est and call in while I am on the air, I will take your question live.
No planning
No agenda

The reason most are terrified and the guru’s advise against doing this is because there is no way to know what someone will say on the call.
I could get a disgruntled warrior (highly likely) that just wants to get on the air to tell me how bad I suck!
Who knows!
I hope not… but I can’t let the fear of a few bad apples keep me from doing what I am here to do and provide…
Just pure help to exactly what you want to know from me and how I got to the level of success I did despite having absolutely NOTHING when I started.
When I tell you this is possible no matter what situation you are in..
You can dial in directly via a local number if you are in the US, Canada, UK or Australia.
And even if you are not in one of those countries, you can call in for free via Skype.
(if you don’t already have skype, you NEED to install it. That is the only way to join the private skype group for help along the way… until I break down and finally create a Facebook group… bleeecht!)
No registration needed.
It will be happening inside the members area here
Just show up and listen.
You can even enter your questions ahead of time if you wont be there and I will answer during the call… time permitting. I will go in the order received.  So head over there now and put your question in if you didn’t already reply to yesterday’s email.
I put together an entire training that will cover most of the responses I got.
While trying to write out a lesson on this Sunday (my day off -_-  ) I realized it will take a bit longer than I thought to cover everything.
So this will be about a 3 day event!
I will be live on air for the next 3 days!
So you SHOULD be able to attend ONE of the sessions. I may do them at various times if you tell me 3pm est is not going to work for you.
Here is your chance!
Private coaching with me is expensive… and quite frankly… tough to get in!  This is your chance to ask me anything you want… for a few days.
I know I gotta be crazy for doing this for free…. but dammit I just can’t help myself!
I LOVE TO GIVE!  Take advantage while you can
Talk LIVE tomorrow
P. James “Is this thing on?” Holland
Coach Comeback
Ps. There will be NOTHING for sale on this call. (to those who have been asking about the offer I made about 2 weeks ago for the coaching offer I made… the same one that resulted in THIS CLIENT making over $1147 in less than 24 hours… IS NOW CLOSED)
pps. YES, LIFETIME ELITE MEMBERS will get access to that for free – coming soon

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