Robert Kiyosaki Motivational Quote On Money

Raw Transcript:
Motivational quote on the money by Robert Kiyo Saki. “money is not the goal money has no value the value comes from the dreams money helps achieve by Robert Kawasaki very interesting quote I like this what it’s saying what I get from it is that everyone is going after more money everyone is chasing the dream of you know winning the lottery making more money getting a promotion but deep down we don’t care about the money what we really care about is what we think will be able to do with the money and sometimes really sit back and think as you while you chasing the money some of the things I use thinking money can buy you can actually get right now right then and there without having to chase the dream so I think the underlying point here is to enjoy the journey as you’re going and focus on what it is the money will bring you less than the money will be way more inspiring and push you through to achieving the goal when you know why you’re going after in the first place so attach that goal to a really tangible physical dream of something you can see rather than just getting more money that helps I am James coach come back holiday. More on my blog

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