Sisi Saves A Life On Her Birthday (lots of pics)

WOW! What a day! Not even sure how we crammed all of that excitement into one day. Here is how we spent July 7th – My Wife’s (Sisi) Birthday: We went and hung out on the beach We went out to lunch at Havana’s on the Beach (I had a cajun shrimp Cobb Salad!!! YUM!) She got a full spa treatment Manicure and pedicure (we did together. My first time. My nails are so short I could not even open a can of beer…. err.. ummm.. green tea with using some sort of tool. Grrrr) Went on a little shopping spree: She got a new dress, purse and heels. (probably more of a gift for me than anything …shhhhhh. I am selfish like that) We went to the zoo! Fed about 100 turtles by hand. That was Sisi’s favorite part! Had Sushi for dinner. She made breakfast! And before you jump down my throat for not making her breakfast in bed (you know who you are), I had planned on taking her out to breakfast too. I went out to take the dogs for their morning walk, and when I came back, she was already halfway through making breakfast. She is so damn effecient! lol Dog(s)… Plural! That’s right! You caught that? You ARE paying attention! To add to that crazy birthday… Sisi rescued a dog! Correct. Milo is no longer an only child. Sisi saw on Facebook that someone had just surrendered a Spanish Water Dog. It has been SEVERELY neglected. I mean bad (see the pics). I don’t want to bum you out because I know I get sad trying to figure out how people could do this to an animal. Anywhoo. His hair was overgrown and so matted that his eyes were almost completely closed and it seemed painful for him to even walk. We took him into the groomers and the vet. Got him cleaned up. Now fit as a fiddle and adjusting nicely…. except our carpet is not to happy yet… He is just barely 1 year old.. so still some housetraining to do. FUN FUN FUN! So just wanted to let you know we had a blast and introduce you to Milo’s lil brother. Meet Lucas! WHOOHOO!!! P. James “husband to superwoman” Holland Coach Comeback ps. will be doing another live free training tomorrow evening. Check later tonight for the email with the details on that Fort-Fisher

Sisi and Coach Comeback
Sisi and Coach Comeback

Just a few of the many birthday indulgences!

Sisi in front of the Zoo
Sisi in front of the Zoo

My Dinner

Mojito Yeah.. that happened!  We do this thing where sometimes we will order for each other. You know how you get stuck in a habit of always ordering the same thing?  Life get’s boring that way.  So we mix it up and always try to get something we know the other person would NEVER have ordered.  NAILED IT! That being said… I order her a Mojito… She orders me a Buffalo Chicken Bloody Mary!!!  Hilarious!!!
Milo and Sisi with Lucas
Milo and Sisi with Lucas.. His first time at the beach

And for the final icing on the cake…   Here is the sexy video I shared with her (adults only)


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