23 Pictures That Say – Stop Complaining and Start Creating


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70 Responses

  1. I LOVED this! Thank you for a thought-provoking article that was nevertheless fun to read! Well done. I’m impressed – and challenged. 20 days to the launch of my book: Too much to do. No time to complain! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Bobbi Emel says:

    Great quotes, James. Thanks!

  3. This was sooo much fun to read. Plus the inspiration! Thanks for a good lesson in a creative way. I have heard of many of these but I need to reminded of most of them so I can stop in my busyness and thank God for ALL the amazing blessing he has bestowed upon me. The one that hits me the strongest is #11. As an American we are sooo spoiled that we cannot imagine the lives most of world is living. Great post and glad I found you through A-listers. Bravo!

    • Thank you Jane. I also enjoyed 11. That is why I put “read it again” just to fully get the grasp of it.

      So far I am loving the warm welcome from the fellow A-listers! Thank you for the very toughing and heartfelt comment

  4. Did you get my previous comment? Great job!

  5. Loved this post! I hate complainers, so I’ll have to send this to a few people I know! Thanks for putting together a great collection of graphics too!

  6. Lee J Tyler says:

    Love this. Gratitude attitude is what I call it. Just shared this. Great quotes to live by!

  7. Priska says:

    What fun. I especially like ‘the grass is greener where you water it’. I better get watering.

  8. Ani says:

    grrrr…. I wrote a long comment and the there were some problems with Internet and the comment was list 🙁

    So this one will be shorter.

    I wanted to say that i really like your style of writing.
    Besides I totally agree with all your points.
    Complaining only takes away energy and makes you stay focused on your problems and re-living the unpleasant feelings/situations again and again.

  9. Ciara Conlon says:

    Great list James, full of reasons to be grateful. Thanks for sharing some great inspiration

  10. Bloom says:

    James, I love this post, it reaffirms so much of what I try to tell people. That complaining’s not going to get you anywhere and time’s better spent working towards a solution. Often times when people talk to me about their complaints and problems I ask them what they’re doing to fix them. Most of the time that question is met by stunned silence. It’s great to know there’s other people out there who still believe in working towards solutions and not just vocalizing how unjust they think the world is. Thanks James.

  11. Kaylee says:

    I love these kinds of quotes, James. I feel like the big message here is: be grateful. I can find a lot to complain about in my life right now, but if I did that, I’d be miserable. I think I’ll choose to look at the blessings instead. Thank sfor the reminder. =)

  12. Absolutely brilliant post! This is exactly the reminder we all need, and it’s the kind of message that needs to be spread. So many people spend time just whining and whining, instead of taking actions. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  13. Well that was certainly comprehensive. And as I guy who does and appreciates comprehensive, this gets my seal of approval James.
    You might want to add a resource to your list and make this “24 Ways”. My friend Denise wrote a tremendous article on her blog earlier this week about the same subject and I’d highly encourage people to check it out. It’s called “Constructive Complaining” and can be found here: http://nurturingcreativity.net/constructive-complaining/

  14. Amit Amin says:

    A few of those made me smile, and a few of those made me remember. Thank you for the great list.

  15. Sally Branch says:

    I like this very much. It’s a difficult thing for some people (or perhaps all of us, sometimes :-)) to see the ‘truth’ of these words and images – we feel caught up in the need to make ourselves right, and others wrong; or to convince others that we we have been hard done by. It takes courage to let go of those responses, but what rewards there are!
    Thank you.

    • The blame game is so enticing to play isn’t it Sally? I knew I would not make too many friend with this post as people never want to hear how much their complaining really is not helping anyone or how little others actually care to hear about it.

      Eventually you will end up pushing your friends and family away if you don’t push past it soon. Many great rewards come from forgiveness and moving on. Thank you for saying so.

  16. Kim Thirion says:

    Wowee! I loved this post!

    “So if you’re pinned in a corner for too long listening to someone being negative, you’re more likely to behave that way as well.” — BEEN THERE! I had this job once, that was nothing but 12 women complaining and groaning all night long. It made a nice job unbearable!

    You’ve really nailed it with this post!

  17. Deone Higgs says:

    Powerful post here James! I have to admit I found a few of these tickled my funny bone a bit. This was full of capital T-R-U-T-H! I have a few in the bunch that were my personal faves, but #2, #5, #11, and #14 were pure genius! 😀 You knocked this one out of the park, buddy.

  18. Alex says:

    Awesome post, these “Picture quotes” are so powerful it’s ridiculous, sometimes the word just hit home and really make you think about your own life!! Great post to read on a Sunday evening… Monday is going to be awesome!

  19. Hi Coach,

    Thank you for sharing this telling photos that put our so-called problems in perspective.
    Each day I start the day thanking God for another day and expressing gratitude that I can get out of bed on my own power. When I begin to feel sorry for myself over some silly thing, I pull myself back to the reality that I’m very blessed.

    To keep myself with a positive and grateful attitude, I avoid toxic people and choose inspiring people like you instead.

    • You have an amazing system Flora. That is much better than a cup of coffee and groaning about having to go to work. Then groaning about traffic… then groaning about your boss…. then groaning abo……. well you get what I mean

  20. Vinay says:

    Awesome way of saying thanking to the world by sharing this wonderful pic-o-article. I appreciate this. Thanks a ton.

    • I will have to make a new category on my site for “pic-o-articles”. I love that phrase Vinay.

      If you loved this one you should really subscribe to get the next one any the book “The Power Of Habit – Essentials” for free =-)

  21. Izzy says:

    Coach this is an amazing post. Wow! This is great :). You nailed it on all components – great content, great title, great message :).

    So many people struggle accepting that they are the ones in control of their lives. It is scary yet incredibly liberating all at the same time. Scary because we have to do something about it – but liberating because we can actually do something about it.

    I’m gonna share the @#$! out of this post. Nice work!

    • This comment made my day my Ninja!!!!

      Love the enthusiasm!

      Thank you for the compliments. Knowing you are responsible for everything that is in your life is a tough pill to swallow for most. Easier just to blame other people and then complain and plead helpless.

      For most there is some deep rooted connection to the sympathy and attention we get from complaining…. but that is a whole new post.

  22. Bob Brumm says:

    this post is Awesome. We need to be tahnkful for everyday we have. We never know when our time will come. Complaining is of no value to anyone including ourselves.

    Keep up the great work.

  23. Liz Hancock says:

    Hi Coach,

    I just stumbled across your blog and had to comment on this inspiring post. What a great visual representation of remembering to not sweat the small stuff! I especially liked #10, so simple and very true.

    • Yes. I too love the profoundness of 10. Next time you hear someone complaining stop them in their tracks and ask them “but are you going to do anything to change this?” and just sit back and notice the blank stares you get. Conversation ender for sure. =-)

  24. Samuel says:

    I particularly like #10, #15, #16 & #19. I don’t think being thankful is a useful advice (this just sounds good, but no practical value for people suffering right now) but being willing to do hard work and not bitching about it is.

    There is a big gap between good thinking and good action. Good action however wins hands down every time.

    • Gratitude is huge my friend! When you are at your worst you can have a complete paradigm shift by choosing to look for things to be grateful for.

      If you lost your house you may be totally devastated. If you call everyone under the sun and tell them how devastated you are then they share stories of friends who are also devastated, you will actually feel worse. But if you stopped and said “Well I still have my car, my health, my job, my family, my friends, my goldfish, food, clothes, sight, strength, knowledge…..” You could immediately begin to feel better and optimistic about rebuilding and starting over.

      Do not underestimate the power of gratitude Samuel.

      • Samuel says:

        hey James,

        not trying to argue with you, but counting what you still have left to “feel good” is dangerous. Many people keep counting until they don’t have much left. Then you work hard in your mind finding something else to count (I still have plenty supply of air etc.). Deep down in you mind you know you are kidding to yourself.

        What I find important is to “forgive and move on”. Forgive people who did you wrong and forgive yourself for not have done the best you can. And then reinvent yourself, starting from “zero”, like #23 suggests.

  25. Amit Amin says:

    Actually, I don’t do any of those things, and it really pisses me off when others do. So congrats, for a great in-your-face-but-totally-necessary post!

    • Thanks Amit. How long did it take you to master the art of non-complaining? Who do you study? What books do you read? What inspires you?

      • Amit Amin says:

        I’ve gotta chalk this one up to personality.

        I still complain every now and again to myself in my head (I’m working on that!), but when, for example, the boss would ask me to fill up his coffee for the 10th time the same day, not only would I smile outwardly, I’d smile inwardly as well.

        1. I was born highly with the trait conscientiousness. (genes)
        2. During my formative teenage years, I had a disabling physical condition (fibromyalgia), which helped put some things in perspective. At the same time, I was exposing myself to budhist and stoic philosophy. (life experience)
        3. My parents were not forgiving of my complaining. (environment)

        So, some combination of genes, environment, and life experience?

        • What a fascinating background you have Amit. I am glad you are sharing all of your experienced with the world of at Happier Human.com

          Sounds like you have and interesting childhood . .. and pretty awesome parents.

  26. Jill Tooley says:

    These are so good, Coach!

    #22 is my favorite…who would have thought that fruit has the same concerns as we do? 😉 That just goes to show how focused we are on faults as opposed to goals. How could we overlook the sweet goodness that’s right in front of us? We should spend more time tapping into those creative juices instead of ignoring them. (It sounds corny, I know, but I like corny!)

    Thanks for writing that guest post on Firepole Marketing, otherwise who knows if I would have ever found your blog. I’ll be back!

    • Thanks Jill! This comment made my day! 🙂 Sounds like you have a very vivid imagination like me. Embrace that!!!

      Sometimes corny is just as effective as profound. We all have creative juices we overlook at times. It is easy to focus on the negative. It takes work to look for the good among them. Thanks for putting in the work Jill.
      Hope to see you around here more often 😀

  27. farouk says:

    very interesting post
    the picture of the toothbrush is amazing, it means stop comparing yourself to those who are better than yo and look at those who aren’t
    thanks for the post:)

  28. CreditDonkey says:

    Hi Coach,

    I love these quotes, especially #11! How very true! We tend to take for granted the things we already have in our lives and focus more on what we want and don’t have.

    I say let’s stop complaining and start doing!

    • You are right Donky (lol) number 11 really puts things into perspective. Most of the time, we already have what it is we are seeking right in front of us. We just get numb to it. Hopefully it does not have to be taken away before you realize what you have.

      Take actions to create the change you want. Crying about it does not count. =-)

  29. Ralph says:

    I’d have to say that the last one is the most powerful. Making the decision to stop complaining and make lasting change starts this very second. Its real easy to want to stop complaining but to actually do it takes a conscious effort and the more we put it off the harder it will be to change. Good reminders

  30. Wow…Very lucky to found your post. These are great life lessons that everyone should know. Tweeted and shared it to some of my networks. Hoping to read more of these. 🙂 I want you to know that you have touched and probably changed some of your readers life.

    Thanks for sharing:)

    • Thank you for sharing and tweeting Belinda. <3 It is nice to hear that this post had that kind of impact. I am very grateful to have experienced this with all of you. Hope you have a great new year

  31. Mike Kawula says:

    I could never get tired of looking at these each day! Should be emailed daily as a reminder to all! Thanks 🙂

  32. Johna498 says:

    Great website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also cdffkkffdcca

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