Regarding yesterday's email . . . Play in new window | DownloadThis will be my first time doing this… And there is a good reason for it. Actually, most are terrified of doing this. And every guru, training or course you take will FORBID you from doing this! Yet… I am doing it tomorrow When I sent that email to you […]

Ep 22 – PODCAST – $8k In 5 Hours – Method Revealed w/ Bill Hugall (wso of the day) Play in new window | DownloadHow would you like $8k in less than 5 hours? (Yes, that’s right. I said EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS) Sounds pretty awesome right? It’s easily achievable Newbie friendly No lists No product and expertise needed Check out today’s podcast and find out how to make that possible here:   […]

EP 21 – PODCAST – How To Create A $997 Product In 20 Mins For Free Play in new window | DownloadAnd without creating any of the content yourself. On Today’s podcast are brought on an expert who knows how to “Show me the money”… (That will make sense in a minute). I had fun on this call and I think you will learn a lot as well. I plan […]

I'm Back…. (lots of pics)

My Dad, John (left) The groom, John Jr, (center) me, James, coach comeback (right).. trying to keep him steady after his bachelor party lol     FINALLY… we are back home! Seemed like the longest weekend ever! I used to make fun of family members that used to come visit and complain about jetlag! I […]

In case you missed it. . .(Replay Link)

We are in Vegas right now. Long story. I will give you the full story in the next post. Just wanted to post the replay link from Wayne and I’s bonus workshop on Wednesday night. We walked through a simple outline to get income in less than 48 hours from 1 simple article. Wayne happened […]

We are LIVE on AIR – GO GO GO

The free bonus training has just started! Join here: Going to show how all you need is 1-page 1-PAGE!!!! Sorry for shouting. I get excited! as I was saying… 1-page to bring in free traffic and sales within 24 hours of the workshop ending! One of my best kept tactics to date! Walking you through […]

[Workshop] Just a quick reminder…

Hey there Yesterday I mentioned that I was sneaking you into Wayne and I’s bonus free training to the buyers of 1-page madness and how Wayne only reserved 50 spots for the workshop. Just wanted to remind you to act now to avoid disappointment. We start in less than 2 hours! I am not hosting this class so […]

We Go Live in 5 hours – Bonus Training – Ask Me Anything

Making up for lost time  =-) As you probably know, wDigital and I got Wso Of The Day again a few days ago with that naughty lil “kissing” stunt I pulled (giggles to himself) As I always do, I am putting on my “buyers only” bonus webinar training for the fast-action takers that believed in us and […]

Sisi Saves A Life On Her Birthday (lots of pics)

WOW! What a day! Not even sure how we crammed all of that excitement into one day. Here is how we spent July 7th – My Wife’s (Sisi) Birthday: We went and hung out on the beach We went out to lunch at Havana’s on the Beach (I had a cajun shrimp Cobb Salad!!! YUM!) […]


WHOOHOOO!!! Another amazing year! Today my wife celebrates her Xxth birthday. No that is not roman numerals. Just not sure if she wants her age revealed. But if you remember my birthday in April . . . Then she is now has the same age as me 🙂 So I will be taking the day […]