I Can't Believe How BIG It Is…

That’s what she said – LITERALLY! It is official… I am TOTALLY head-over-heels (if I was still wearing them) in love with my new bride! Well, I guess it was already official when I asked her to marry me. But NOW it is officially official. Why? BECAUSE SISI IS NOW A WARRIOR!!! (insert evil laugh) […]

Why I Cheated

It’s not my fault! Don’t look at me like that. With your judgy-judgington face on. Like you have never done it yourself. I could not help myself. I have a weakness for things that make me feel good. And good food does that to me. Of course I am talking about how I cheated on […]

Was Blind, Now I Can See..

I don’t know about you but there is nothing worse than trying to watch your favorite old school kung fu movie (or other underrated foreign film (like Romantics Anonymous or Amelie (freaking great movies (with Aubrey Tautou (who is a cutie (don’t worry, Sisi agrees on her level of cuteness (which does not compare to […]

I Hate Getting Sick…

This might be a sign. Of what? I am not sure yet. These past few days I have not been feeling well. May seem like no big deal. But here is the thing..I NEVER GET SICK! I mean… I guess I cannot honestly say “never”… but it is not very often at all. Like once […]

EP 24 – PODCAST – 3 Best Ways To Create A Product To Sell Even If You Know Nothing

One of the biggest questions that people constantly ask me is how do you create and sell your own products or services when you don’t KNOW anything??? In this quick podcast episode, I explain the truth about product creation and share 3 simple methods ANYONE can use to create a product with hardly any effort.    

Thinking About Trying Something New, Weird and a Bit Strange…

  You may actually like this one… You may have heard me talking about my love for writing recently and how I am going back to publishing on Kindle more actively over the next few months. I actually have a plan to hit 5 figures of passive income monthly within 6 months just using short […]

Ep 23 – PODCAST – How to Protect Your PayPal Account and Give Yourself An Instant Raise

  Having a frozen PayPal account is one of the WORST things that can happen to an internet marketer. In today’s episode, I share a secret trick I use to ensure that my PayPal account stays in good standing, especially during a product launch.