I Can't Believe How BIG It Is…

That’s what she said – LITERALLY! It is official… I am TOTALLY head-over-heels (if I was still wearing them) in love with my new bride! Well, I guess it was already official when I asked her to marry me. But NOW it is officially official. Why? BECAUSE SISI IS NOW A WARRIOR!!! (insert evil laugh) […]

I'm Back…. (lots of pics)

My Dad, John (left) The groom, John Jr, (center) me, James, coach comeback (right).. trying to keep him steady after his bachelor party lol     FINALLY… we are back home! Seemed like the longest weekend ever! I used to make fun of family members that used to come visit and complain about jetlag! I […]

Sisi Saves A Life On Her Birthday (lots of pics)

WOW! What a day! Not even sure how we crammed all of that excitement into one day. Here is how we spent July 7th – My Wife’s (Sisi) Birthday: We went and hung out on the beach We went out to lunch at Havana’s on the Beach (I had a cajun shrimp Cobb Salad!!! YUM!) […]


WHOOHOOO!!! Another amazing year! Today my wife celebrates her Xxth birthday. No that is not roman numerals. Just not sure if she wants her age revealed. But if you remember my birthday in April . . . Then she is now has the same age as me 🙂 So I will be taking the day […]