The Hole That Ended It All – A short story

Here is the full short story below. What do you think?
“You know if you go out there you will die”. My Father was not in the joking mood.
But I wasn’t joking. I had been fascinated with the sport since My early conception.
Just once, I wanted to live like a human. To feel the exhilaration of playing the sport.
Hitting the ball. And sinking the ever so elusive hole in one.
Doing so would mean I would break almost all of the seeming endless set of rules of our society.
But I didn’t care.
I NEEDED to see what it felt like. I knew this curiosity would never go away and I would be resentful the rest of my life.
I never really liked the idea of being “royalty”… as the humans may refer to it. We don’t really have a classification for what we are.
But the idea that I have one single purpose. That my entire existence is already mapped out.
So rigged.
We watched from the shadows as was custom of our life purpose.
Never to be seen by the humans. Doing their dirty work for them, never getting any of the credit.
Bet we are not an ego driven society. It is what we are here for.
It is our our only purpose.
But not today.
Today…. I will be a human golder. If even for a moment.
“Son… you have that look again” . Breaking the rules was not something I was a fan of. Yet, this would not be the first time… and my Dad knew it.
“I can’t allow this. We can only observe. You already know this” he said with a stern look and the wrinkles on his forehead making a full appearance.
“It will just be for 5 seconds. Just one swing. And it will be an ‘honest’ swing”
With our powers, I could easily control the ball in flight and make the hole in one without even any effort at all. Which I had done several times this week… when it was that players “time” in order to keep them on their destiny
So my father could not understand why I would risk spontaneous combustion, disgracing the family, being seen by the humans, and breaking the rules for something that could be done with a mere thought.
That wasn’t the point.
I didn’t want to use my power. I wanted to hit it like they do. To understand the emotion. The drive. The passion. The frustration.
In a way, I think we all envied the humans…. Because they could… feel.
“I must do this, father”. The vein in is neck was starting to look like it would explode right then and there. Which was strange since we don’t have a pulse.
To be fair… I was the only one that could ever get him to show that vein. What can I say have a gift.
“Don’t you DARE! I hate to do this to you, but if you ho out there and show yourself, you will be stripped of your power, and lose your place as my successor. I am sorry. But this is where I Draw the line”
That settled it.
In a flash I was in the T box. Already starting to sizzle in the sunlight as I took form. The earth’s atmosphere already beginning to dissolve my body…
I toook moment to scan the shocked faces in the gallery.
No one moved. No one said a word. They just stared.
So it was easy for me to take the club out of the players hand and approach the ball.
To feel the rubber of the club in my hands. The effect of gravity. The weight of the steel.
This is the best moment of my existence.
I draw the shaft back…
I swing…
I hit the ball…
And then….
The hole that ended it all – By P. James Holland

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