The Move, The Scam, and the fleas – Never a Dull moment – Part 1

So I am pretty sure I am being scammed out of my money and more importantly, may be kicked out on the streets at any moment!
Strangest experience ever. So go grab your coffee, popcorn or Mai Tai and get cozy because I got one heck of a story for you.
I’m going to move kind of fast so pay attention. If I miss any important details, just reply and ask and I will bring you up to date
So if you don’t already know about me and Sisi… we LOVE to travel. You should know that in the last 2 years we have lived
in 3 different states. From the Pacific to the atlantic.. and back again.
Our latest move was from Sacramento (my home town) back to North Carolina (we lived there awhile back and loved it. Always
had plans on going back)
So we sold off all the non essentials, packed our bags and headed to the airport on tuesday October 29th.
A friend met us at the airport and took us to meet what was supposed to be our new landlord.
So “kinda” how this went…. we met with the “owner” of the condo. She showed us the place, gave us the tour. Was super
sweet (like most of the North Carolinians we have met). Offered to leave some of her furniture that she was not going to
need anymore. Told us she was having a baby so they were moving to a bigger place.
We absolutely LOVE the place. Agree to take it. Sign the lease. Pay her all the money. And we are all set to meet her
the next day to move in and get keys etc.
Here is where it gets weird…
So we give her a call and say we are on the way to the place. She is excited to meet us. Says she even bought us a coffee
maker (Sisi LOVES coffee and expressed it to our new landlord) as a welcome gift.
Then we get a text that she “accidentally” turned the power off because she MOVED service to her new place instead of adding
service so there will be no power until morning.
I say that is fine. She says, see you in a bit. I text that we are there. She texts, I left the patio door open for you
guys, go on in, my husband wants me to wait until he gets home and then she will be right over……..
and that was the very last message we heard from Jamie… our landlord… =-(
That was tuesday.
It is now Saturday!
We have called, text, emailed… and everything in between.
So you can imagine all the possibilities running through my head!
The good ones first:
She said she was pregnant so I am thinking maybe she went into labor on the way to see us.
Then I am thinking maybe she got into a car accident… now I am actually concerned for her and the baby.
So for the next few days I have been searching google for her name and births, deaths and accidents in Wilmington, NC.
Our minds are kind of going crazy at this point. Nothing seems to make sense.
She is not responding to any of my emails or texts. And when I call.. it goes right to voicemail after one ring.
Now here is where it gets interesting…
While searching for our landlord online (Jamie Thomas) I found out she has her own company called Fresh Start Cleaning And
Errand Service. She advertises a lot on craigslist and a few other business sites.
So, my gut instinct says to send an email to the business email under a different email address just to see what happens.
In my mind I am saying “please dont respond. I would much rather find out you were horribly disfigured and mangled up in a
car accident than to find out you are just ignoring my emails…” because that would mean there is something definitely
fishy going on and I like to believe the best in people.
Worst fear realized…
Sure enough.. minutes later Jamie responds with a quote for a house cleaning, which I had requested in my faux email.
My stomach drops! What does this all mean?!?!?!
So I reply a very looooong and distraught email saying that this is actually James wondering if this is some elaborate
scheme to con people for rent.
Of course… no reply.
So I begin the calls again.
Still rings one time and goes right to voicemail
I call from a friends phone… and sure enough, rings the standard 6 times or so!
SON OF A #$*&&&**!!!!
So she is just blocking MY number!
But it IS in fact her real number because she used the same number in her ads for cleaning service as well as in the email
quote she gave me.
So in the meantime… knowing that I MUST work, I have already turned power on at the place in my name, scheduled internet
to be installed on wednesday and changed the locks on the front door…
Knowing in the back of my mind… the REAL owners or landlord could show up at any point requesting November’s rent… which
I thought I already paid!
Not even sure what I would do at that point. But all the evidence would seem like we are squatting in someone else’s place
right now =-(
Are people really doing this? My dad has always accused me of walking around with rose colored glasses on. I just don’t
understand how someone could really put people out like that.
Anyway… we don’t dwell. We just keep emailing and calling.. hoping that she will come to her senses and at least just
tell us what is really going on.
I did a quick people search on their names (Jamie Thomas and Joseph White) and it did show online that their last place of
residence was in fact where we are.
Sisi said that maybe she uses her cleaning service to find people who are moving out of their rentals and pretends to be
the owner of the vacant place since they probably let her in… then takes people for deposits and rent then disappears.
But that is not smart because she uses the same email and phone number for both businesses.
That is why none of this makes sense. She is using her real name. Real phone number. And at least a real email that she
checks pretty often judging by the speed of the response.
Oh yeah… and apparently fleas THRIVE in this humid climate so my poor Sisi has been relentlessly on flea duty every time
we take Milo (our all white miniature poodle) out to go to the bathroom.
Everywhere we have lived we have NEVER seen this many fleas. Actually, when we lived in Vegas the fleas were next to nil.
To hot and dry for them. (Making us seriously talk about moving back there next lol)
Now here is where it can get fun…. =-)
Since our “landlord” (Jamie Thomas) obviously has blocked or ignored my email address and phone numbers… if you would like
to give her a call and/or send her an email on our behalf… THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!
I only ask that you do not be mean. I have been in tough times myself so I know people are only doing what they think they
must do to take care of their family.
I honestly have sympathy for her. I am not expecting to get ANY of my money back. I really just want to hear from her. To
know exactly what happened that night. To put me out of my misery. Just tell me… are we squatting? Is the rent actually
paid? Do they even own the place? Are police going to show up and ask us to leave in the middle of the night?
Or is she just having a bad day and does not want to talk to us lol.
Just say hey… I am a friend of James and Sisi. What is going on? Can you return their calls please and ummmm I dunno,
bring us the keys to our place maybe lol. Or tell us who the real owners are … or something like that. Get creative lol.
I thought about hiring her for a house cleaning at one of our friends house and then be there waiting for her. hmmmm that
could be fun.
Anyway… here are the details:
Jamie Thomas
Phone (919) 753-4341 (yes, she did text from this number at first)
Original email she corresponded with us on: (says it is her husbands Joseph White)
Email that she responded to immediately when she didn’t know it was me
One of the ads for her business:
So that is my story so far with the adventures of the move. I am carrying on like business as usual… for now.
Giving her the benefit of the doubt and a chance to come clean… maybe with some ever-so-gentle persuasion from you 😉
If you want to know more just ask. I will update as this saga continues
Until then
Continue to part 2

  • I think your idea to hire her for cleaning at a friend’s house is the best one. That way you will be face to face. You also might want to call the local police and explain the whole thing to them. They might want to talk to her as well.

    • Yeah that is a good idea Jacqueline. Still undecided just how we will proceed at this point. I am not the type to dwell. Typically I would just move on and wish her the best. But part of me just wants to help prevent this from happening to someone else in the future. I think I will give her one more week before I take this to the police. Thanks for commenting

  • Hello,
    it surely sounds like a scam and well I got scammed myself by a group who said they could get money back for me from scams…long story, but I just don’t trust anyone any more. and that is sad…

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