The Move, The Scam, and the fleas – Never a Dull moment – Part 1


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4 Responses

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I think your idea to hire her for cleaning at a friend’s house is the best one. That way you will be face to face. You also might want to call the local police and explain the whole thing to them. They might want to talk to her as well.

    • Yeah that is a good idea Jacqueline. Still undecided just how we will proceed at this point. I am not the type to dwell. Typically I would just move on and wish her the best. But part of me just wants to help prevent this from happening to someone else in the future. I think I will give her one more week before I take this to the police. Thanks for commenting

  2. Gary says:

    it surely sounds like a scam and well I got scammed myself by a group who said they could get money back for me from scams…long story, but I just don’t trust anyone any more. and that is sad…

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