I'm SICK and TIRED – WARNING: Rant coming!

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(I did NOT edit. I used Dragon Naturally Speaking and this is what came out.  This is NOT meant to be read.  This is just so the google god see that there is content on this page… and for those who would rather read than listen to me talk… good luck!  This blog will be converting to mostly audio and sometimes video so you may want to adjust if you feel you must read)
Hello, this is James Holland coach comeback.com hand and got a warning you ahead of time got a little bit of a rant coming along pretty much got fed up sick of it had a little mini meltdown this week so I’ve been kind about attached, but everything is this County coming to ahead for me right now just sick of following all the rules doing you know everything I’m supposed to with the with business and everything and pretty much getting nowhere so I just wanted let you know that there are going to be sums to use changes coming along that will affect our relationship mode pretty importantly, though, wow, this started was I just got in other and new will notice for my blog coach comeback.com and it will be in a couple weeks will be’s three year anniversary of that blog, and you know this should be exciting and should be fired up about it and instead just maybe do a little bit of reflection was aware that blog should be after three years as while I was looking into my account I noticed I have besides coach comeback.  I have over 26 other websites in my account and I was this kind of astounding to me to see that had been keeping up with it knowing all the different ventures and different things that I’ve been working on because I was you know or to the teaching of house posted to and reflecting on meta-looking that I just realize that I’m freaking everywhere.  I mean, I’m got a twitter account got undercounter got squid lenses have a YouTube channel.  I’ve got a Google + count I’ve got a LinkedIn account I’ve got StumbleUpon I’ve got a Facebook personal profile and I probably have about 30 Facebook fan pages I had set up and never really did anything with I remember little while ago I got first time I got alone frustrated and I changed my Facebook page a name from coach comeback to forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.  Don’t ask me will going on there, but I change the name messing around.  I had you know almost I don’t know how many fans are on that is on that page.  At the time of couple thousand a remember.  But one then Facebook mates and changes, and you aren’t allowed to change your page name anymore so that name stuck, and is the permanent names.  I ended up just recently having to create an entirely new Facebook pages for coach comeback was people were asking me why don’t have a Facebook page in trying to explain to them that forget love and rather fall in chocolate is my Facebook page wasn’t really computing I had to go ahead and make another.  Once an island have about 50 fans think of that are really promoted or told anyone about it just showed equal been asking Århus search sure me and found the new Facebook page, so I had to create a new one but besides that I have Kindle books that I have written him with all the different websites.  I probably have over 30 different email addresses are more probably that I try to monitor and link back to you know couple of different main email addresses I’ve written some amazing guest posts for other bloggers.  Some ghost writing I’ve done the cousin you know writing was my first passion, Lisa do that all the time my written some articles for Yahoo I created some personal development products on different websites I’ve created some Internet marketing products.  More recently, and I’ve even taught real estate privately coaching because I used to be real estate agent and you know the backbone of most of our money and I made online for years was from real estate investing virtually a never, never would go to any of the properties in every would see the house I would do everything from the computer online never once leaving the house or putting any money down investing in people found out I was doing from an interview I did a while ago and then was asking for me attention, so I’ve even done some are private real estate coaching, so a just realizing that I am in too many different places at once, and it’s pretty much driving me nuts.  There’s no way I can be efficient and effectively bring you the most quality information on the topics at the same time trying to be everywhere and be all things and all these different places, so why does this matter to you is because I probably realized you might be listening to this and you probably won’t even know exactly how you first found me.  You know how I probably don’t you remember how you found it could’ve been from one of the hundreds of different places.  I am on the Internet are an set of ego Google and searched my name PJ Holland or coach comeback put it,” you will find pages and pages and pages of stuff that I’ve done are places and things that I’ve done online.  It’s just insane.  It’s kind of astounding when you think of all that I’ve done.  And that’s because I was taught to do it this way, you know, from all the courses in everything I’ve learned that’s part of the problem.  Maybe I can take too many trainings that I listen to that by everyone’s course I study everything it figured is always something new I can learn and maybe that’s doing more damage than good.  You know information overload.  I was taught you permitting separate I was taught do not makes my marketing tips on my personal development blogger tips, because people are for personal development will see marketing stuff and get turned off and they will leave and then I hear don’t definitely don’t put my inspirational stuff and with my business products because, you know people who are there to just learn how to make money error help their business.  They’ll have time for that and for that inspirational Fukuoka mind stuff, so I had always try to figure how to keep that part separate hallway and never after anywhere put any silly jokes are random pictures or humor anywhere because that’s just a distraction well.  All of these goals in trying to keep hurting separate is realizes just been driving me nuts.  These three Deese three things I just realize are a part of who I am I just realized it a prime be always a part of everything that I do you know my main passion is writing and personal development and helping people.  And that’s how the blog and everything started in any eight of you who know me personally know my personality.  You know Kilmer is a huge part always joking always trying to have a good time, always smiling.  I mean even when I started my personal development for him@mindwarriorforum.com bursting I added was a was a board for silly jokes and random funny pictures I was the first thing I thought of because who can’t who doesn’t like to laugh and smile and have a good time such a huge part of my personality and then the business I wanted to I keep Sam want to just go back a person development.  Each people, but the business side of it.  I feel like I just need to teach because that’s what I get the most questions on and surprisingly I’m just naturally gotten really really good at it.  So the marketing side of things starting your own business making money online.  Being able to live this lifestyle or all I need is a computer had Internet connection to run my business and the NCC are able to travel and move all over and do the things that we do.  That’s a huge part of everything it know I’ve always had that just kind of business mindset, so that’s a huge part of my personality.  So, trying to keep all these things separate, was like trying to rip me apart in three different directions, so the point is I need to simplify I just do it.  There there’s too many things gone right now.  So this is definitely going to be better for you and me weekends I can be more focused intently on just a few small the important places then you can get better quality for me and more attention as you realize I haven’t even been emailing as much as but writing is much have you Madurese many trainings just because I’m spread to Sam all over the place so I am just informing you now everything is going to be consolidated just on coach comeback.com you know all of the existing membership sites that I have that are it going.  Yes, that content will still stay on those sites, but anything new going forward.  Everything will be on coach comeback.com so there’s b
een at least three main categories, and that those are the part of me so that is going to be business marketing Internet marketing make money whatever it is whatever assiduity business I filled important there’s been a be a section for that on coach comeback.com there’s going to be personal development, self-help motivational inspirational quotes all of that good stuff inspirational videos, pictures, whatever I’m also going to be posting that on coach comeback.com and yes I may even throw in some random humor and entertainment at least every day am going to try to give you something at least entertaining.  So any of that stuff bothers you is having them all makes in the same place is not going to work review been this is why I’m giving you the heads up.  I had a time, but maybe in my emails.  I will try to let you know which category the post is in a be in or try to do something Alain I had a times or maybe you don’t click through and watch that video, but or that training or that post if you just want to be entertained.  So I’m just lean on better get back to writing a letter be posting more often going to be emailing you a lot more often.  If you are on the list, but there’s one thing you can guarantee is as if you been on my list for any length of time I can guarantee you it will always be entertaining, whether it is business or personal development.  I’ve always tried to at least my job is to entertain you.  First and foremost, so I wanted a brain you deliver whatever I can to help you and someone about what you always leave at least smiling entertained annoying it was time well spent.  So that’s for my rant for today and my update with the changes state and wound not already on the list go to coach comeback.com and you can sign to listen you get some free gifts immediately in the email but why the time you’re seeing the blog you will the government notice over the next couple weeks lots of changes is getting get a new design you can start seeing new posts and obviously if you’re listening to this on sound cloud.  There are is going to be a lot of audio posts again a be doing this daily again.  Which was against why wasn’t doing this before because you know all the teachings say in this is getting to the marketing side that audio posts have no text on your page.  So Google has no way to search to find what words are in your page, so no one can search and find your audio posts, because there’s no word so it’s better to have written content, so that’s life.  I hadn’t been doing my podcast probably almost 6 months now and then an episode, but that’s in a change of minute you a lot more audio content like this.  He can subscribe it sound cloud.com/coach comeback and sometimes I will make more audio posts.  I may not actually copy them over to the blog so you want to know exactly what going on with me and most current there’s get a be embedded do it on a more audio so this’ll be my primary way them to communicate is directly talking EMM goodness are doing a lot of live calls to so I may do them on webinars I may do them find a way to do them here through the podcast.  I’m not sure yet, but I’d actually like to engage with you more personally one-on-one, so sometimes my daily post.  I may just grab the recording to a live call so just let me know.  Pay attention.  It is going to be a lot of changes, but everything is noticed are being on the blog you start getting marketing mixed and was maybe even some silly cat videos I may just give you some YouTube Videos one day or you make it personal development things that make you better, self-help and’s proration or encouraging all in the same place so there’s your heads up, I’m doing this for you.  Hopefully I can be more efficient and get better content more often to you deliver exactly what you need, but will be in one place so looking forward to hearing your feedback on what you think of the new changes the my making a huge mistake in my nine are my personal development.  People get a be annoyed by the marketing crap or are my marketing readers can absolutely hate silly cat videos and personal development stuff my start talk about law attraction and my gun alienate the crowd or are the essential the guys tell me what you think in the comments looking forward hearing from you all.  Hope you guys understand the change and you stick with me that skin to be an awesome year

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  • James —
    GREAT post (love all the ‘subtle’ background images in the video!), and what a great decision on your part to consolidate and focus.
    I bet that the people already following you will likely feel the same way — now we can just get our ‘fix’ in pretty much one spot!
    Good move — here’s to more focus!

    • hahahaha Thanks Dan! You will DEFINITELY be able to get your fix. Yes, I will feel more free to just write whatever is on my mind and not worrying about whether or not I am placing on the right place or emailing the “right” people about it. I feel so FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! lol

  • I like the idea.I would like to see all sides of you my friend. There is more to like than just the marketing side. I believe we are all mature enough to focus on what we like and need. Let it rip. I for one am looking forward to it.

    • HA! Hope you know what you are getting yourself into… you probably already know I am NOT your typical marketer. If you check my facebook profile you will see I post everything from Fart Jokes to Anthony Robbins book reviews on mindset to getting traffic to your website using twitter! You are in for a treat Roy. Glad you are willing to stick through it all with me

  • Thanks in favor of sharing such a good idea, post is nice, thats why i have read it entirely

  • Greetings frdom Los angeles! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to
    check out your site on my iphone during lunch break.
    I love the knowledge yoou provide here and can’t wait to take
    a look whesn I gget home. I’m amazed at how fast your blog loaded on my mobile
    .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, fantastic site!

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