9 Lies "The Secret" Told You About "The Law Of Attraction" | Coach Comeback

The Truth Behind “The Secret” and the Law Of Attraction

Have you been trying to “manifest” since The Secret came out and yet you still drive the same crappy car, live in the same crappy neighborhood, same crappy husband at the same crappy job?
Becoming frustrated and starting to believe that it is all just a hoax?  You are not alone!
This short video exposes the lies The Secret wants you to believe.  What you have been taught could actually be the thing that is keeping you from the dreams you desire.

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  • one of the most important things you can do to increase you own personal power is to take credit for the little manifestations you create every single day.  So often the magic is written off as mere “coincidence”.
    When you are thinking about someone and out of the blue they call you . . .  you created that.  When you are super excited to get to some place and somehow you catch all green lights … you created that.
    When you feeling like you want to be pampered after a long day and you honey shows up and just starts rubbing your neck …… you created that.

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