Why Was Tony Robbins Fired?

Tony Robbins Fired
Your Services Will No Longer Be Needed Mr. Robbins.

Controversy and turmoil all through the holidays

over this Tony Robbins issue. . .


As with any big transition like moving to New York

everything has not gone as smoothly.


Mainly, not having internet and a working space to write

has been driving me bananas! Then my laptop decided

it wanted to go on a holiday as well!


So, to keep my sanity I read and listen to self-help audios – as

you may already know with the Anthony Robbins Personal Power 

30 day Challenge I was doing.


But there was a problem…


I remember LOVING Tony Robbins back in the day! I am pretty sure

he is one of the very first personal development teachers I ever

listen to before I even knew what personal development was.




I found I just could not get all the way through his program 

this time!


I have grown so much since the last time I have listened to this.

My ideas and beliefs have shifted so much that most of what

he says just isn’t sitting right with me these days.


Have you ever WANTED to like something just because you used to?


Awhile back the movie Child’s Play came on.  The one with the

crazy Chuckie doll that comes to life and goes on a killing spree.

Well, I got pretty excited because they were a HUGE hit when

the movies first came out.


But after about 15 minutes of watching I was thinking “Boy, this 

is lame!” and I turned it off!


That is how I felt listening to Personal Power again. lol


Not that it was lame… just doesn’t seem right.  You know

what I mean?  When something just doesn’t feel  . . . right.


For example, one way he uses to get yourself motivated to

take action on a goal is to associate MASSIVE pain to

NOT taking action. So he has you vividly picturing

the absolute worst things happening to you if you do

not accomplish your goal.


Now this may not seem so bad and I know for a fact that 

it is effective….


But with everything I have learned about the power of your

mind and how you can really create your own reality through

conscious thought…. just seems like a misuse of power!


I do NOT want to give any power to my fears, no matter how 





So I had to fire Tony and pick something else.


This is where YOU come in…


I have 3 different programs/trainings I want to dive into

and share with you what I learn – just as I was doing with

Personal Power.


But I want you to vote on which one sounds like it is

what you need most right now and I will tear into it,

breaking down the material and all the steps I learn

and presenting my findings to you.




First one up is:


Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field

Nightingale is “unofficially” the inspiration behind the

movie The Secret with his audio recording “The Strangest

Secret” back in 1956. Now has sold millions and millions

of copies.  Lead the field was the program they created

to expand the ideas of that.


Number 2:


Brendon Burchard’s – High Performance Academy

Author of the new best seller “The Charge” and

“Millionaire Messenger” puts together an extensive

training with videos from the live event.  This one

deals with everything about the brain and

psychology.  Really dives into the core behind

what really makes us tick and what it takes to become

successful. (hint: It’s NOT hard work and dedication.

there is a more powerful shortcut).  At the link

he gives away a great free video series. (This is probably

the most current program of the 3)


Number 3


Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0


This one I just discovered by accident.  I was searching

Google for things like “the power of the mind” and

things like that when I found this one.  It is about

a 200 page book that also has the audio recordings. I

was pleasantly surprised with this one. I went in not

knowing what to expect and I really enjoyed it.

This one is a bit religious and uses the word God throughout.

So if that is something that offends you or is against your

beliefs, please do not vote for this one… or just substitute

Universe, Buddha, Allah, Holy Spirit, Divine Power, Supreme

being or whatever else you may refer to as a being that may be

of higher consciousness than yourself.


All 3 are really amazing and totally align with my current

beliefs of positive reinforcement and I will make lasting

changes in your life.


Leave me a reply in the comments that says either 1,2 or 3.


In a day or two I will let you know the results and

begin with the first lesson.  =-)

So lets get Rockin’!



Here are the early results from the votes on which program we will be

going through together of the next few weeks.



1. Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field    29%


2.  Brendon Burchard’s – High Performance Academy  62%


3.  Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0     9%


I have to say that I am not surprised by the results.  Brendon

is probably the most widely know and popular.  His material is

new age and current.  If you have read The Charge then you know

what I mean.


I feel like his stuff makes me feel like my head is going to pop of….

in a good way!


As with Earl, although he was a pioneer to so many great things

like the whole audio books on tape industry (many do not know that

his company, Nightingale-Conant, are the ones who first published 

Anthony Robbins programs on all those audio tapes those many 

years ago) not many people really know who he is.  I mean, I was

only introduced to the man behind all this greatness just last year.


Then there is number 3….. the underdog.


Virtually a no-name, so to speak, comes out with this program

teaching similar techniques with some amazing twists and

exciting new insights, and no one wants it.




Well, mostly, people can relate with people they know.  If this same

program was endorsed by Anthony Robbins or Wayne Dyer we 

would be more likely to give it a second look.


Secondly, the homepage is extremely “salesy”.  That turns me 

off almost instantly.  I hate being “pitched”.


Have you ever been in a 3 hour timeshare presentation and all

you can think about is the free food and vacation they promised you?

You had no intention of spending any money so everything that is

shoved at you just becomes annoying.


That’s what I feel about the Mind Secrets Exposed sales page.


However, I learned about this program from an email I received from

Steve G. Jones.  He is a leading hypnotherapist and Master NLP

Practitioner.  Had he not recommended this program I would have

never made it past the first 2 minutes of the video.  


But I am glad he did.  I actually really enjoyed this book and 

the audio is on my ipod and we sometimes listen to it in the car.

Always a bonus when you get the audios.


I did forget to add one important option…


If you thought neither of these programs interested you, the voting is 

open for write-ins.


Is there a program or book out there you have been interested in but

just not sure if its any good?


Or is there one that you have gone through that has had a massive

impact on your life that you swear by?


Old or new, send it my way and I will add it to the list.  


If it gets enough votes maybe it can bump Brendon’s High Performance

Academy down and we start the year with it instead.


You can voice you opinions in the comments. The only way I will know what you

want is if you tell me.  Here is your chance. 


Excited to get started. I know you will enjoy it no matter which one we start with.


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