Wayne Dyer passes on. My personal message

Here is the raw and unedited transcript from the audio
Hello Dragon dictation DragonPad how are you doing
this is me talking. I am talking about poker right now. Sisi will be on her way home soon. It’s actually pretty exciting to see that Dragon actually spelled my girlfriends name cc accurately. Well, not this time. Now it put two letters
currently at a little bit of a dilemma. I am not sure what to do on the one hand, the real estate coaching seems to be the biggest seller on the other hand, I keep getting warriors who try it for a little bit and then want a refund making me not want to sell the course anymore at all.
I wish there was a way around this. I wish I could get so many new clients that they wanted to want a refund I could just gladly give them the money and send them on their way and not have to think about it. There has to be another way. Has to be a way that I can make $10,000 by tomorrow and did not be a problem at all. I am smart enough and I know I can do this yo yo yo this is James coach comeback Holland and we lost another home the fall and soldier Mopar out a little liquor for the home use translation is popular in the urban communities when there is a significant other who has passed on. It is a form of respect in the highest regard of tradition to take some alcohol and pour some onto the earth or the ground so to speak, as in a tribute to signify you are having a toaster one final drink with someone who has passed on to the other world in this life, died is the highest form of respect in urban communities. I just wanted to make a quick audio because I just found out Wayne Dyer has passed on. Wayne Dyer has had a huge impact in my life and I personally don’t think I’m handling it very well this is pretty vulnerable audio I just want to do it because I figured it would be real unscripted or not. I just want to take a moment to share my condolences tribute to a great man person. Hopefully he knows how much many people he dissected in his life and how much is affected me personally next to you know Tony Robbins is one of the first of personal development books programs I relearn but after that there was a lot of Wayne Dyer teachings I can open my mind to a new way of thinking and had a lot to do with shaping who I am today and said I don’t really handle death to good so I get awkwardness the ridiculous things that I don’t really know how to deal with it and I’m not doing this very to very much well. So anyway, I wanted take a moment to say we miss you, miss you Wayne. We will be missed your you will be cherished and remembered forever and thank you for the years you put in your dedication to and making lives better you. The world has truly been a better place with you here in it and I hope I get to meet you on the other side one day that is all

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