We have been Evicted =-( Part 3

http://www.h20-restore.com/the-process/eviction/Yeah I think I broke the record for fastest eviction in history. Something like 6 days lol
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So we wake up Wednesday (the 6th) with the eviction notice on the door…. Worst fear realized.
Up until that point I was still giving this lady the benefit of the doubt and only hoping it was something less dramatic like she got into an accident on the way to us and has been horribly disfigured with memory loss.
Well, I was not so lucky. We were in fact taken. Funny thing is, this lady isn’t even on the original contract for this place!
This girl is goooood!
The only name that came up was the guy she said was her husband. So we found out they DID actually live here.
But what really happened was they wanted to move, apparently, and they were in a long term lease (until september 2014) and decided to just move out.
So we basically helped fund their move and likely furnish their new place, because the owners said they have not paid past the 1st month (september 2013)
So they are actually already 2 months behind, thus, how the eviction process is already underway.
So yesterday morning we decided to go and meet with the owner and lay it all on the table.
We explained the entire story!
Turns out they were EXTREMELY sympathetic. And I am summarizing here so this one isn’t too long because I am sure you just want to hear the ending right?
Basically the owner told us without telling us, that they are still going to proceed with the formal eviction because that is part of the process if they want to send them to collections for the remaining balance of their terms (Around $10,000 plus damages and fees).
Now for some good news…
She told us that everything that is going to be filed will be towards the name on the lease… NOT US! We have nothing to do with it.
Then followed by whispering to us that she legally cannot discuss any of the details because we are not the names on the contract, but that there will be plenty of notices on the door to explain what is going on.
AND THEN.. told us the process will take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to be completed so basically…… take your time with figuring out what to do next and finding a new place.
There ARE still some really good people out there!
What this means is, we will NOT be thrown out on the streets! Well, not immediately anyway lol
And that when the final actual eviction day comes around, we will still get about a 10 day notice before the actual sheriff shows up… but we plan to be looooong gone by then.
But this means I CAN get internet installed =-) Even if it is only 2 weeks!
For me, not having internet is the same as taking a month off of work unpaid. I MUST have internet to run my business!
So even if it is 2 weeks only and I have to bay another $50 install fee when we move, that is nothing compared to what I potentially lose by NOT being online at all.
Conclusion, internet will be installed by tomorrow and I will be back.
I will be playing some serious catch-up for the next few days… but I will be back nonetheless!
And, as the reason why Sisi and I make such a fantastic team, she will be actively searching and finding us a new place to live, freeing me up to continue to work without having to worry about that. It is a great little system we have. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!
The bright side to this is while seeing the almost 100 total messages, emails and comments that stacked up in my absence, it has provoke me to finding a faster way to respond.
SO far the options I am exploring are speech to text using Dragon Naturally speaking (I LOVE this program by the way. Use it all the time), or one of the social media audio apps like Dubbler or Soundcloud. I think making quick audio responses then sending you a link to my reply may double my response speed and detail I can give.
If those do not have the features I want, I also just created accounts with VINE and KEEK. These work almost the same but instead they are both short video clips.
Either way I will be testing out a few different ways to respond faster and more thoroughly using some sort of multimedia and 3rd party application.
Open for suggestions if you know of any other great solutions.
Thank you for your patience throughout all of this. I know I am super behind on responses. And if you have sent me something and I have not yet responded, I do apologize and PLEASE PLEASE resend it and I promise I will get to it within the next few days, possibly by the end of the weekend.
That’s all for now
P. James “finding the silver lining in everything” Holland
Coach Comeback
“Bad things can happen, and often do–but they only take up a few pages of your story; and anyone can survive a few pages.”
― James A. Owen

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