What A Four Year Old Taught Me About Love And Robert Redford – Video

kids say the darndest things
Why are you so confused about love?
Why do you make it so complicated?
How do you express it?
How do you show it?
How do you say it?
What exactly does “love” even mean?
That was the question posed to a group of 4-8 year olds in a recent contest.
The responses absolutely warmed my soul from the inside out.
Check out the video…

What A Four Year Old Taught Me About Love And Robert Redford

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It’s about time somebody put it simply.
You don’t need to make some grand gesture.
Show your love today by helping someone cry or tasting their coffee.
The people you care about need to know it.
Not just once…. EVERYDAY!

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  • Dang, I guess I don’t love too many people because I don’t share my fries! LOL
    This was too cute and it just shows us that love is….simple, easy, and GRAND! 🙂

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