What is the difference between a production company and an Entertainment Company?


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49 Responses

  1. brainfrz1 says:

    those trains lack any sort of structural stability, they could seriously injure someone bouncing around like that.

  2. Trustin Jesus says:

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  3. Nenad Kukec says:


  4. katiemilker . says:

    75 million views, Someone is definitely taking the piss now, doodle.

  5. Bani Mitra says:


  6. Kamal Bastola says:


  7. cookjanet80 says:

    8ifgggjfnf mm bjjfb/gf f g fb n zf b

  8. Dominique Kirkwood says:

    So cool

  9. Nhung nguyen thi says:

    my daughter likes it

  10. TheDinoKitteh says:

    It wouldn’t.

  11. Alma Cornelia Vöge says:

    What the fuck did I just watch?

  12. Alexander Osborn says:

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  13. Ken C says:

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  14. sanela seferaj says:


  15. sallyCOOL2 says:

    How did it get so many views?

  16. Titan says:

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  17. Trustin Jesus says:

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  18. Nadeem Ahamed says:

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  19. Mad Toilet says:


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  20. Zeem Zoomtv says:

    very good…………………………….

  21. IIRM INDIA says:


  22. Saikrishna Kavuri says:

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  23. Jorge Torres Gonzalez says:


  24. silvio eduardo says:


    very nice

  25. lodkikiev says:


  26. james lee says:

    Make me!!!!

  27. 2pm63 says:

    wonder girls always the best n better for wonderful

  28. 2pm63 says:

    if you want say your 9 girls is better go to they mv..not here..get lost…………..

  29. j3nn1n3 says:

    12 min add. what. the. hell.

  30. james lee says:

    Stop whining you little faggot!

  31. Gajahbuncit says:

    i love  ivaaaaaa

  32. EvilKyuFan4Life96 says:

    Well to us Wonderfuls,Wonder Girls are the best!! The 1st female group I love after I discover kpop!

  33. Star Nguyen says:

    why does it sound different in the master’s sun?

  34. Amine Alaoui says:

    Throw yourself from a window, it will help us alot.

  35. Nhật Lương says:

    i love WONDER GRILS

  36. Amna Farooq says:

    I CANT LOOK AT SOHEE THE SAME WAY ANYMORE, everytime i see her, i see xiumin, everytime i see him, i see sohee

  37. james lee says:

    girls generation is better!!!!!

  38. livvy malik says:

    Park Oppa My Favorite : I want Only WonderGirls And 2nei And Super Junior Korean Addict <3 Like If you Agree

  39. Ziane Lizardo says:

    I want nobody nobody
    but wondergirls and 2ne1
    do you love me

  40. s131404088 says:

    Jyp cool

  41. Biji Biju says:


  42. dagina58 says:

    No, hyuna is in wonder girls’ ‘Irony’ MV.

  43. Michele Silva says:

    Master’s Sun!! *-* 

  44. pcdludafenka says:

    where is Hyuna 😀 😀

  45. Diegorr443 says:

    lol that guy really taking a dump

  46. james lee says:

    I hate their singing! Fucking whores!!

  47. Beltravi says:

    No this was after Hyuna left. The easy way to tell is if you have the rapper, Yubin. If Yubin is in the video, Hyuna isn’t. She replaced Hyuna after Hyuna went solo.

  48. Ms101Bunnies says:

    lol. “what the hell is going on? where is he gosh darnit”

  49. Lin Emily says:

    was hyuna in this video?

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