Why "busyness" is not productivity


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3 Responses

  1. Hi James, that’s a very interesting study.

    The first time I heard about this was in a book about personal improvement.
    I was very interested by the fact that the less the time that you have, the less the time that you need to make tasks.

    I think this study support my way of thinking “It’s better to work smart that to work hard” 🙂

    • Great advice Indeed Mauro! I know I have days where I feel like I put in 18 hours and really do not have a clue what I actually go done. But the days when I only have 1 hour to put in I found it was extremely focused and produced amazing results.

      Really is an interesting study. What do you do for organization and productivity? Long to do lists? Post it notes? Extensive Calendars?

      • To be honest…I keep (almost) all in my mind 🙂
        (The only exception are the brainstorms that I make sometimes)

        I tried many approaches to organize my work, but all them were ineffective for me.
        Also I wasted a lot of time to make them.

        I figured out that the “all in mind” approach is what works best for me. But I know that many other people who like to do calendars or to do lists.

        What does work for you, James?

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